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April 01, 2018 2 min read

Mosquitoes are tiny but very dangerous insect capable of passing diseases such malaria, dengue or chikungunya. Only the females feed on blood for the purpose of reproduction and can breed in stagnant water as shallow as half an inch. Mosquito bites are painful and harmful hence it is important to ensure they are not present in your home or surroundings. There are various methods one can use to kill mosquitoes in an infested area and prevent further multiplication. There is the option to use indoor mosquito killer devices or homemade remedies.

Indoor mosquito killer device

  • Dynatrap insect trap:since mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 this trap device produces CO2 with the use of ultraviolet light, emanate warmth and Titanium dioxide (TiO2). As the mosquitoes get closer to this device, the fans present in the device sucks the insects in where they are left to die.
  • Electronic indoor insect killer zapper: this device can serve as both indoor and outdoor trap. It works with electricity and when turned on it kills mosquitoes and any other insect that passes its way. However due to the noisy and risky nature of the device it is not the most preferable.
  • Stinger indoor insect trap:this device works in a similar way with the Dynatrap insect trap but it is a lot cheaper and not noisy. It can only cover a smaller area unlike the Dynatrap insect trap and it might not effectively work against other insects.

Homemade remedies

  • Dry ice:mosquitoes find it very easy to locate us wherever we are even in the dark because of the CO2 we exhale. Dry ice is the solid form of CO2 which works as an attractant; it should be kept in a container and left open for a while. After a large amount of mosquitoes must have been trapped in the container is then covered with a lid leaving the mosquitoes to die. Note that care should be taken when using dry ice and direct contact should be avoided to prevent any after effects.
  • Garlic extract:garlic contains properties capable of killing the larvae form of mosquitoes and prevent further increase in their population. Pick out a few fresh cloves of garlic and grind them, then boil in water for a few minutes. Transfer this extract into a spray bottle and apply all over the house the mosquitoes die when they come in contact with it.
  • Coffee grounds:in order to eliminate these mosquitoes while still in the egg form, coffee ground should be applied close to any stagnant water. The effect of this substance makes the water body not conducive for the eggs or larvae thereby forcing them to come to the ground. On reaching the ground the ground they are deprived of oxygen and die as a result.

Mosquito killer

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