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January 17, 2023 3 min read

You might need the best mosquito repellent for your patio, porch, or yard. Summer comes with its amazing goodness. But one thing we don’t like is the buzzing mosquitoes that might make it difficult to enjoy the sun from the comfort of your patio. That’s why you may consider using a mosquito repellent to help make your outdoors bug free. Still, how do you choose the best mosquito repellent? Click for more product information…

What to consider when choosing a mosquito repellent for your patio?


How far can your repellent cover? This is highly important for your outdoor space, especially when you have a large garden, lawn, or yard beyond your patio. You need your repellent to provide cover within your patio and its environment to stop the pesky bugs from finding their way around your barriers.


How long can your repellents go before requiring re-application? There’s no such thing as having a forever barrier against mosquitoes. But still, you can have a repellent that can be effective for a given period.

3.Repel versus killing

There are tons of anti-mosquito formulas out there with varying levels of benefits and drawbacks. Some anti-mosquito products only repel, while the more aggressive ones may also kill the mosquitoes. The downside to these killing agents is that they can harm the environment if they find their way into sewers and storm drains, where they can enter lakes, rivers, and other waterways. If you also have kids or pets, applying these killing agents must be done with caution.

4.Application and usage

You must realize that the repellent you use for your yard shouldn’t be the same as that for your clothes and body. Bug sprays for your body and clothes often contain ingredients such as DEET, picaridin, IR3535, and oil of lemon eucalyptus. However, bug sprays for your outdoors may contain synthetic or plant-based ingredients. Natural ingredients usually include peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, and cedarwood oil. In contrast, chemical mosquito repellents may have synthetic versions of plant computers, including DEET, permethrin, and picaridin.

5.Ease of use

There are tons of repellents to choose from. So you may consider picking the most convenient one. Candles, coils, shields, and incense sticks only require a few stops, although spacing might be challenging when using them. Barrier mosquito repellents often require spraying and are the easiest to use around your outdoor space. Granules or pellets also work in the same way requiring sprinkling around areas where there is likely to be more mosquito activity. Typically, barrier sprays are the easiest. They often come in ready-to-use bottles and require a few instructions to get their highest effectiveness.

Stop mosquitoes in their tracks

How to choose the best mosquito repellent for your patio

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