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August 22, 2022 2 min read

How do you figure out the best thing to get rid of snakes under the porch? Having snakes beneath your deck or patio is an unwanted event. Even when you are not dealing with venomous snakes, they can harbor dangerous parasites, worms, and diseases. Hence, you want to take action to ensure that they don’t use your deck or porch as a place of refuge. That said, you may wonder about the best thing to get rid of snakes on your porch. Product Review…

What attracts snakes to your porch?

The best way to get rid of snakes on your porch is to stop attracting them in the first place. Snakes love moving into places where they can find food and resting spots. If you can take away these things, you can eliminate the risks of finding snakes under your porch. Here are steps to remove attractants from your porch:

  • Snakes love rodents and insects. So you want to eliminate the chances of having those by investing in mice repellents.
  • Birdbaths, bird seeds, and nest boxes also attract rodents. Eliminating those will help you keep snakes away.
  • If you have nuts and fruit trees, ensure to pick them up as quickly as possible and store them in sealed containers.
  • Get rid of wood piles, dense bush/shrubbery, rock/bush piles, and shed spaces.
  • Store wood piles on elevated spaces out in the open where there is nowhere to hide.
  • Trim, clear and burn all dense brush and shrubbery. Keeping them low enough should be enough to avoid providing hiding spots for snakes.
  • Patio cushions often attract snakes because of the warmth they provide underneath in the nighttime. You can take your cushions off to avoid snakes, transforming your patio furniture into their resting space.
  • Consider adding snake barriers around your patio, sheds, and outbuildings. Chicken wire is also an inexpensive system you can use here.

Invest in a snake repellent

To eliminate snakes, you need two repellents; repellents for keeping mice away and repellents for snakes. These repellents often combine scents and tastes to make your porch and outdoor spaces inhabitable and uncomfortable for snakes and their prey. The best snake and mouse repellents should be easy to apply and must offer instantaneous results. Also, remember that some repellents are toxic to pets and children, making them dangerous to use in places like your porch.

So what’s the best thing to get rid of snakes without harming your pets, kids, or environment? Nature’s Mace snake and mice repellent sprays and granules are ideal solutions that can be used anywhere in your outdoor areas. With these repellents, you can effectively eliminate snakes and their prey from your home in rapid succession.

What is the best thing to get rid of snakes under the porch?

Nature’s Mace combines a proprietary list of eco-friendly, non-toxic plant-based extracts that are proven to keep your home from unwanted invaders. Get your Nature’s Mace repellents today and gain that much-needed peace of mind that your home and outdoor space are snake-free. Product Review…

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