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August 18, 2022 3 min read

When you choose organic garden pest control methods, you are subscribing to safer, eco-friendly methods that keep bugs under control. These techniques do not harm your garden or the environment. Unlike traditional pesticides, they will not also cause any harm to pets or other animals. However, not all organic garden pest control methods are super effective and convenient. Here, we talk about the best organic garden pest control methods you can try. Product Review…

1.Floating row covers

Floating row covers are excellent for stopping bugs like cabbage moths, potato beetles, aphids, and other pests. These row covers protect your vulnerable plants from critters like rabbits, squirrels, birds, and deer. For plants that require insect pollination, you may temporarily use row covers, especially when pests are most active. Other plants that don’t require insect pollination can have floating row covers for their entire lifespan. Generally, you have two types of floating row covers. You use the heavyweight version in early spring and late fall since it warms the soil. The lightweight version works for summer when you don’t want to overheat your plants. Regardless, always ensure the edges of the row covers are secured with items like rocks, boards, or landscaping staples.

2.Planting flowers and herbs

Flowers and herbs are also a great way to attract beneficial insects to your garden. These beneficial insects should help you deal with the peskier ones. Such flowers and herbs include sweet alyssum, borage, zinnias, calendula, cosmos, and nasturtiums. Another way to use plants to deal with pests is by cultivating resistant varieties. For instance, to manage squash vine borers, you can cultivate butternut squash and lanky long-vined open-pollinated varieties of summer squash like yellow crookneck and zucchini.

3.Adding farm animals

If you have the space and passion to rear animals, like chickens, ducks, and guinea fowls, they can also be a sustainable way to control pests such as Japanese beetles and squash bugs.

4.Insecticidal soap

Insecticidal soap uses fatty acids from soap to break down the protective cuticles in insects, thereby dehydrating and killing them. They are great when you suddenly infest insects like spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids. During application, you need to apply generously in a way that wets the leaves of your plants on both sides. You may need to apply every five to seven days. Usually, you may buy the soap as a concentrate and then dilute it into a spray bottle. If you dilute it, its effectiveness may only last a few days. Also, always patch test with each type of plant as this soap can cause leaf burn.

5.Neem oil

Neem oil works against squash bugs, bean beetles, potato beetles, and many more. Once you apply neem oil on plants, insects lose interest in laying eggs and stop eating, inhibiting their growth. The best time to apply neem oil is when you see the first sign of adult insects. You need to re-apply every seven to ten days. But also remember that neem oil may kill beneficial insects too. So, you want to avoid spraying during peak flowering times. Also, avoid spraying on flowers.

6.Beneficial nematodes

You can also use beneficial nematodes to help control large pest populations, especially when dealing with soil-dwelling pests like cutworms, root maggots, and Japanese beetle larvae. You can buy these parasitic nematodes and apply them to your garden. However, these nematodes lose their effectiveness over time. You must also wait until the ground soil reaches 60 degrees before applying them. It is generally recommended to use 23 million nematodes to 1,000 square feet.

7.Insect repellents

Insect repellents are superb substances that can stop those pesky bugs from having their way with your garden. You can protect your plants at any season or time with insect repellents without harming the environment or wildlife.

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