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August 17, 2022 3 min read

When seeking the right garden rodent repellent, tons of methods may come to mind. One such is castor beans. This article will share with you everything you need to know about using castor beans as a garden rodent repellent.

When moles invade our garden, lawn or yard, these little critters can cause undue havoc. They are a danger to our plants and entire garden, eating and burrowing holes. These moles can also bring snakes into our property. Hence, we must take steps to repel them. There are certain claims that castor beans have some properties that may repel moles. This is because castor beans contain a poisonous toxin, called ricin, that can potentially kill moles if they feed on it. Product Review…

Does castor bean work as garden rodent repellent?

Unfortunately, castor beans are not the most effective way of eliminating moles or voles from the garden. The chances of moles feasting on castor beans are very slim because their teeth are not designed to break into vegetable seeds.

However, cultivating castor plants may actually serve as a repellent. Because of the plant’s poisonous properties, moles will stay out. The castor bean plant is also attractive with its unmistakable pink, and red flowers adding aesthetics to your garden. Nevertheless, the biggest drawback of cultivating castor plants is that it can be poisonous to you, pets and children. Even a simple touch of your castor bean plant puts you in danger.

You can also increase the repellent properties of your garden by also cultivating other mole-repelling plants including crown imperial, garlic, caper spurge, daffodils, and marigolds.

Using castor oil to repel rodents

If you don’t wish to cultivate castor plants, the next best thing some people consider is castor oil. Some gardeners swear by the ability of castor oil to repel rodents without killing them. The downside is that you must apply it directly to the soil. Secondly, the formula will only work for less than a week. In the rainy season, the effects would be severely diminished.

The best ways to repel rodents

Castor oil isn’t the most effective way to repel rodents. The most effective system is a combination of different rodent control methods. That said, here are foolproof ways to keep rodents out of your garden, lawn, or yard.

Get rid of their food source

Moles usually come into gardens seeking what to eat. So they burrow into the ground in search of insects and earthworms. If you get rid of those insects and earthworms, they won’t have any reason to enter your garden. So you can look for products designed to eliminate insects and earthworms.

Apply rodent repellent

Commercial rodent repellents are designed to help prevent and eliminate rodents from your garden. Because rodent repellents have a heightened sense of smell, these commercial repellents are designed with multiple scents that would make them undesirable.

Final thoughts

While castor beans as the plants, or oils may repel models, you shouldn’t plant them because they can be poisonous to you and your family. You are better off selecting a fantastic rodent repellent like Nature’s Mace rodent repellent. Nature’s Mace rodent repellent will carefully repel mice, voles, and other kinds of rodents without harming you, your pets or the environment. Choose Nature’s Mace rodent repellent today and say goodbye to your rodent problem. Product Review…

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