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August 16, 2022 3 min read

When dealing with squirrels, you might wonder what can repel squirrels from cars. In this guide, we will share with you everything you should know about preventing and eliminating squirrels from your car.

Squirrels can choose to reside in your car for different reasons. First, it’s about the time and season. Winter can be a very terrible moment for squirrels. Squirrels would make all efforts to ensure they find a hidden place that can protect them from the cold weather. The warmth of your car, especially the engine compartment, might just be their best bet. Second, squirrels are very curious sometimes. Their curiosity might drive them to go under your car trying to figure out if it’s a perfect nesting or food storage spot. No matter what draws squirrels to your car, you must take steps to get them out for good. Product Review…

Damage that squirrels can cause to your car

When squirrels reside under your car, they cause tremendous damage ranging from chewing through the wires of the electrical system to store their food and garbage that would block sensitive areas of your car. In the end, these furry little vandals do as much damage that might lead to unexpected repair costs. This is why you must take steps to repel squirrels from your car.

Steps to repel squirrels from cars

1.Remove food sources

Food is one of the main reasons squirrels can be attracted to your car. Leaving food in your car can attract squirrels alongside other rodents. Hence, if you leave food in your car, ensure that it is in a sealed airtight container. Also, be sure to regularly vacuum your car to get rid of leftovers, especially if you have children.

2.Take away the bird feeders

Squirrels are known for stealing bird food. Hence, if you have bird feeders around your car, there’s a great chance, they would use your car as a storage space. Hence, you should remove all bird feeders near your car.

3.Open the hood of your car

Leaving your hood open can discourage squirrels from taking up residence in your car. They want a quiet, safe place for their babies. Hence, leaving the hood wide open brings in substantial noise and light into the engine compartment that would make them vulnerable. If leaving your hood open doesn’t work, consider putting up a bright light under the car engine compartment. Squirrels don’t like bright lights, so this should convince them to seek residence elsewhere.

4.Invest in squirrel repellent spray

Squirrels are little animals that would not want to risk standing before larger animals or predators. You can take advantage of this fact by using a decoy on them. Many commercial squirrel repellents are specially formulated to mimic the scent of these animals and will help keep them away. All you need to do is apply the animal repellent to areas of your car that hardly get hot. Such areas of your car could be the bumper, the front tires, and the undercarriage. Once squirrels perceive the odor, they will feel that a bigger animal or predator is around, this will keep them out of your car area for a long time. Do also realize that commercial squirrel repellents provide more success than using DIY squirrel repellents. For one thing, you wouldn’t want to douse your engine with a homemade broth that could cause damage on its own. Nevertheless, you should also talk to your mechanic before spraying anything directly on your engine compartment. Now you know about the most effective ways to repel squirrels from your car, you can take action to keep them out.

What can repel squirrels from cars

Nature’s MACE squirrel repellent products are specially designed not just for the outdoors, but also for deterring squirrels from your car. Made from non-toxic organic ingredients, these squirrel repellent products will neither harm the unwanted critters nor any other animal. What it does is create an uncomfortable environment that gets them to leave your car alone. Choose Nature’s MACE today, and keep your car safe from these destructive critters for good. Product Review…

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