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September 22, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss plants for keeping squirrels out of the garden. Keeping squirrels out of the garden requires a combination of techniques. One method you may use against these pesky rodents is cultivating certain plants. These plants often have intense scents and prickly foliage, making them detestable to these critters. You can use these plants around the edges of your garden, as companion plants near vulnerable plants, and in pots around your front porch. Here we talk about the best plants, flowers, and herbs you can cultivate for keeping squirrels out of the garden. Click here for Product Review…

1. Alliums

Alliums like scallions, leeks, garlic, and onions are excellent for repelling squirrels due to their intense scent profiles. These plants are also intense to humans, so you can rest assured they will repel scent-sensitive squirrels. You can use Alliums as companion plants around patches of carrots, tomatoes, and other squirrel-loving plants.


Daffodils have an intense smell that can offer protection against squirrels. You can cultivate these perennial bulbs and enjoy them from late winter to spring. These bulbs are quite hardy and can complete any home or garden theme.

3.Common snowdrop

Common snowdrops are excellent as border plants or around rock gardens, next to ponds, or at the base of gigantic trees. However, this foliage may die towards the end of spring, so you want to add summer plants too. Regardless, common snowdrops are mildly toxic. You should always watch your pets and stop them from going near these plants.

4.Lily of the valley

This great springtime plant gives off an intense aroma that should repel squirrels. However, these flowering plants can be aggressive, leading to networks of underground rhizomes. So they may not be the best option for repelling squirrels because they can be invasive. This plant also contains potent toxins that are poisonous to both animals and plants.


Geraniums refer to a class of five-petaled distinctly veined plants with multiple colors. You can choose from two types of geraniums, including “hardy” geraniums and “zonal” geraniums. Geraniums repel squirrels by giving off a strong rosy or citrusy scent with an earthy or peppery undertone that squirrels hate. You can cultivate these plants in pots around your garden, including on windowsills and the front porch.

6.Snake’s head fritillary

This stunning plant repels squirrels due to its menacing snake-like look. Their scents also seem like the scent of a fox, a predator. However, the snake’s head fritillary contains toxic compounds that can cause dermatitis from contact and gastrointestinal problems from ingestion. Make sure pets can’t get to where these bulbs are cultivated. You can place them around potential entry points to repel wild animals. Click here for Snake Repellent Review…


Hyacinths are a great ornamental addition to your garden. Their fragrance may also attract honey bees but will effectively repel squirrels. However, these bulbs also contain toxic alkaloids, which means you must also protect your pets. The best way to use hyacinths against squirrels is by planting them in areas with vulnerable plants. You can also plant dedicated hyacinth flower beds around your garden’s entry points.


Marigolds release a strong fragrance that would effectively repel squirrels. Their roots also have anti-bacterial properties for repelling nematodes and other pests. But do bear in mind that they can be invasive in particular conditions.


The mint family, especially plants like peppermint and spearmint, have pungent aromas that squirrels hate. Besides cultivating this plant in your herb and vegetable garden, you can also make peppermint extracts for repelling squirrels around your home’s foundation.

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Plants for keeping squirrels out of the garden

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