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May 25, 2022 2 min read

Did you find small holes around your garden beds? Or half-eating vegetables and fruits? There’s a good chance you have squirrel problems. Hence, you should invest in a squirrel deterrent to protect your garden from squirrel damage.

There are numerous squirrel deterrents out there. But not all solutions are safe, effective, and convenient. Nevertheless, the best squirrel deterrent for gardens is a combination of numerous deterrents. Below are some of the most effective squirrel deterrents to squirrel-proof your garden.

1.Invest in an electric fence

An electric fence can help deter squirrels from your garden. But it’s also possible to install on an existing fence. In this case, you can place two or more electrified strands 3 inches away from the existing fence and one strand above the ground to make your squirrel-proof fence. The downside of this squirrel deterrence is that it is costly to install and maintain.

2.Install a mesh wire fence

You can also install a wire fence made of hardware cloth to keep squirrels out. Your ideal fence should be about 30 inches high and extends over 6 inches into the ground. It should also have an extra 6 inches bend outwards at a 90-degree to make it difficult for squirrels to burrow.

3.Create an encasement.

For your bulbs and young trees, you can consider using individual fencing solutions. Bulbs do well with 1-inch mesh encasements. To begin, dig a trench that is deeper than your desired depth of planting and fit in the mesh wire. Then add soil and plant the bulbs. Next, place another strip of mesh wire over the plantings so that your bulbs will be entirely encased. For young trees, you can create a tree wrap made of mesh hardware cloth. Remember to provide ample space for the tree to grow easily without providing room for squirrels to move freely.

4.Cultivate squirrel repelling plants

There are certain plants you can cultivate to keep squirrels out of your garden. These plants emit scents that squirrels dislike. Some examples of plants you can cultivate include mustard, mint, peppermint, marigolds, and nasturtiums.

5.Use a chemical repellent

One of the best ways to create a smart and effective odor squirrel deterrent is by investing in commercially prepared squirrel repellent solutions. These products are often available in liquid and granular forms and can be sprayed or sprinkled around your garden to guard against squirrels.

What is the best squirrel deterrent for gardens

A humane squirrel repellent like Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent stands out from other commercial squirrel repellents because it combines natural and non-toxic ingredients that would not harm or hurt the squirrels. Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent is also pleasantly scented and ideal for use in your outdoor and indoor spaces against squirrels, mice, chipmunks, and other rodents. You can apply this repellent in your gardens, flower beds, plants, sheds, birdfeeders, and lots more. Choose Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent and stop squirrels from damaging your plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetables in no time.

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