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November 29, 2022 3 min read

You may need physical squirrel deterrents to stop squirrels from entering your yard or garden. Squirrels are good entertainers, but they can also be very annoying. They wreak untold havoc on your garden by digging, eating, gnawing, and chewing everything in sight. Unfortunately, squirrels are also very resilient when you try to stop them from entering your home. So, finding effective physical squirrel deterrents becomes paramount. Click to review products…

Indications of squirrels’ presence

Squirrels can be spotted easily. There are signs that they frequent your property or have established permanent residence there even though you have not seen any. Below are some of the signs:

  • Ransacking bird feeders.
  • Gnawing on various plastics, including plant labels, hosepipes, and plastic netting.
  • Making a mess of your garden by chewing vegetables, fruits, flower buds, seeds, and nuts.
  • Scratching the bark of trees.
  • Doing lots of digging of flowerbeds and lawns provides access to their food store.

Installing physical barriers is a great way to keep squirrels out. However, using the best materials is crucial because squirrels can take advantage of any holes in the barriers you erect.

Use a fence or individual guards

You can install a fence around your garden or lawn. The best is a fence made from wire mesh, which should be buried into the ground and bent outward to stop squirrels from digging underneath. For individual plants, you can also use netting. Ensure the netting material is strong enough to stop squirrels from chewing through it.

If you also have a pier-and-beam foundation, squirrels and other little animals can walk in and reside there. You can spread wire mesh around the underpinning to stop this from happening. If your underpinning is firm enough, you can spread the wire mesh at the crawl entrance.

Bird netting

The use of bird netting is another magnificent way to deter squirrels. You can use them to cover targeted plants or areas you don’t want squirrels hanging around. But, ensure that the material used to make the bird netting is strong.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are not only used to deter birds but can also be effective in deterring squirrels. To deter squirrels, you can wrap the spikes around the power-line poles or other poles carrying cables into your home. You can also add these squirrels to the top of your fence to stop squirrels from climbing and running on your fence.

Squirrels can jump up to ten feet, which is another important fact to know. So you can spread the spikes across the rooftop so that when squirrels jump from those untrimmed trees around your yard on them, the experience they get will deter them from jumping again.

Garden cat scat mats

Garden cat scat mats were mainly designed to keep cats away from the garden, but they can also deter other smaller animals, such as squirrels. The mats work by pricking the paws of jumping squirrels that land on them. Though it is not intended to penetrate their skin, the sensation will keep them away.

No one method is enough to stop squirrels

You must realize that deterring squirrels requires a robust plan involving multiple deterrents. Aside from these physical squirrel deterrents we’ve listed, consider others like motion-activated sprinklers and squirrel repellents. Squirrel repellents are highly effective at keeping squirrels out of your garden or yard by making your space scent intense and uncomfortable. An ideal solution like Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent will discourage them from entering your space without harming them.

5 effective physical squirrel deterrents

Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent is also environmentally-friendly and can be used in your garden, plant beds, birdfeeders, and more. Try Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent today. Click for product review…

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