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November 19, 2021 2 min read

How do you stop squirrels from eating bird food and keep those rascals out of your property? This guide will help you put up practical barriers to keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

Placing bird food and watching them eat could be a lot of fun. However, you wouldn’t want to have squirrels inviting your backyard and munching on bird food. However, Squirrels are usually attracted to bird food. They have large appetites and will dominate your feeders, making it impossible to continue feeding the birds. They are agile, intelligent, canny, and quite acrobatic. All these make them challenging to deal with.

But, bird food may not be the only problem. Once they find their way into your yard, they also begin to eat and dig up flower bulbs (especially daffodils and tulips) causing more problems for you in the long run.

5 ways to stop squirrels from eating bird food

1.Always keep your bird feeder area neat

Seeds or particles on the floor around your bird feeders can attract squirrels and other rodents to your bird feeder. Therefore, it’s important to clean the areas around your bird feeders to prevent having particles on the ground that would not attract squirrels. This also means that you should avoid using ground feeders.

2.Use a squirrel-proof feeder

Installing the appropriate squirrel-proof feeder can help keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. You can use weight-activated bird feeders, pole-mounted bird feeders, and caged feeders. Besides that, also invest in a squirrel baffle which is a plastic dome that can be attached under a feeder. The squirrel baffle creates a curved barrier that squirrels will find challenging to climb over to reach the seeds.

3.Give food that squirrels don’t like

Squirrels love many bird seed types such as nuts, fruits, corn, sunflower seeds, and corn. But, there are some foods you can feed the birds that squirrels don’t like. Some of them include Nyjer seeds, Safflower seeds, White Proso Millet, and hot peppers.

4.Keep bird feeders far away from trees

Position your bird feeders in an open area that is far from fences, hanging tree branches, or any other thing that squirrels can use to access bird food.

5.Invest in a squirrel repellent

There are certain smells and tastes that squirrels do not like. Therefore, you should invest in a specially formulated squirrel repellent that would keep them away from your bird feeders as well as other vulnerable parts of your property.

All you need is a specially formulated humane squirrel repellent product made from natural ingredients that are Eco-friendly and non-toxic to you and these animals. Nature MACE squirrel MACE formula is an ideal product that can stop squirrels from eating bird food. You will also love that this repellent spray can also repel other animals such as raccoons and chipmunks. Nature MACE squirrel repellent spray is also safe for use around pets and plants. So you can feel confident that you have a solid defense against those furry pests without harming your environment.

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