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July 15, 2023 3 min read

Best fencing modifications to keep squirrels off fence

Modifications to keep squirrels off fence? If you worry about squirrels jumping over your walls, then you might be looking out for the best solution to keep squirrels off the fence. Squirrels might look like tiny furry balls of goodness. But letting them enter your garden or lawn may result in the awful destruction of your potted plants, treasured vegetables, and even the wiring of your home. Here are ways to modify your fence to keep them off for good. Click for more squirrel repellent product information...

1. Place an owl decoy on the fence

You can place an owl, snake, or other predators on your fence to square them away. Consider decoy models that can move around. Also, change the location of your decoys often to make them effective.

2. Add wind chimes, old pie plates, or compact discs to your fence

These materials often flash and move with the wind. Hence, they keep up the surprise and can help keep squirrels away.

3. Remove bird feeders from near or around your fences

Squirrels often eat the seeds that birds eat. So they will be attracted to them. Hence, one of the best ways to keep squirrels off the fence is to remove the bird feeders on or around your walls. Also, try using squirrel-proof feeders or adding a squirrel baffle to your existing feeder.

4. Cover the top of your fence with netting

If you have a study fence in place and the area isn’t large. You can cover the top of the fenced area with mesh. You also need to ensure the mesh is secured correctly. Don’t forget to leave enough head space for yourself so you can quickly weed, water, and go about your activities.

5. Add aluminum flashing

Add aluminum flashing to the edges of decks, houses, and every other wooden element. This might not help keep them away, but it can protect wooden structures from being chewed by squirrels. You can equally use aluminum flashing to protect trees from chewing damage caused by squirrels. Flashing is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Do measure the edges and pick the right flashes to protect them.

6. Modify the habitat around your fence

Look around your wall. Do you have large trees with branches going outside of the border? Squirrels are excellent jumpers and can move into your yard through the large trees around you. So cut back the branches about 10 feet away to stop this from happening.

7. Use a squirrel repellent

To keep them away, consider sprinkling squirrel repellent on your fence and around your garden. Use squirrel repellent made from potent materials such as chili peppers to go on the offensive against squirrels.

When it comes to picking the right squirrel repellent, you must look out for squirrel repellents that are either ineffective or contain toxic compounds that might harm your household and wildlife. One of the best squirrel repellents you can confidently use without worrying about exposing your environment to potential toxins is Nature’s Mace Squirrel repellent. Nature’s Mace Squirrel repellent is made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from plants. This repellent will stop squirrels in their tracks through its potent odors and keep them away from your garden. With Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent, you can cultivate your precious vegetables, flowers, and herbs and keep squirrels off the fence effortlessly. Click for more squirrel repellent product information...