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July 18, 2023 2 min read

How do you use blood meal rabbit repellent?

How do you use blood meal rabbit repellent? Bloo meal rabbit repellent is a popular substance used by gardeners to keep rabbits out of their gardens. One advantage to using this is that it also serves as a fertilizer repellent. Click for rabbit repellent product information...

This means the application of this substance will not only repel rabbits but also improve the nitrogen quality of the soil in your garden.

Blood meal rabbit repellent is made from waste materials from slaughterhouses commonly cow and pigs blood. Because rabbits are herbivores, the scent of those bloody by-products will scare off the rabbits for good.

Blood meal versus bone meal

Often, there's confusion about using blood meal or bone meal as rabbit repellent. The reality is that both substances do serve as rabbit repellent and are created from the byproducts of slaughterhouses. Blood meal, in essence, comes from the fatty and bloody bits, while bone meal comes from the bony aspects of the waste products and is then ground to a fine powder. There's no real difference in how they repel rabbits. The only distinguishable fact is what they add to the soil. Blood meal contains high nitrogen while a bone meal is high in phosphorus but also contains nitrogen. Also, you should only use blood meal on ornamentals but bone meal works for edible plants. It's quite possible to mix both for their amazing benefits and repellent attributes.

How to use blood meal as a rabbit repellent

The simplest approach to using blood meal rabbit repellent is sprinkling in a thin line around the perimeter of your garden. You can also fill nylon stockings with blood meal or small containers and place them at vantage positions around your garden. Alternatively, you can make a spray by diluting it in sufficient water. This technique may require that you re-apply more frequently, to maintain deterrence. 

Steps to use bone meal as a rabbit repellent

When using bone meal, you need only apply the powdery substance around the perimeter of your garden. Rabbits will be repelled by the odor of the bone meal and will stay out. After applying the bone meal, you should consider applying black pepper over it for a more robust production. That said, you may have to apply your bone meal and black pepper production again, later in the evenings. This is because rabbits tend to prefer feeding at night. Overall you may require two applications a month or more depending on the number of rabbits you have around you.

Be cautious when applying blood meal and bone meal rabbit repellents

Blood meal especially contains a high amount of nitrogen. So it's so easy to apply too much which can damage your plants. You should also consider combining it with other repellents to enjoy more comprehensive protection against rabbits. That's why you also need non-toxic organic formulas made from diverse plant-based oils to keep rabbits and deer away. Nature's Mace rabbit and deer repellent is a fine example. Made for use around your garden and its perimeter, Nature's Mace rabbit and deer repellent can help you control or eliminate rabbit activity from your garden. Click for rabbit repellent product information...