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July 11, 2023 2 min read

Do you really need a pet furniture protector?

This article offers a short guide to using a pet furniture protector. Do you really need a pet furniture protector? Pet furniture protectors, as the name implies, protect your furniture. This ensures that you don’t lose your treasured possessions at the expense of your pets. Furniture are pricey investments; if your pets have their way with them, that investment can be destroyed quickly. Here are some benefits of a furniture protector and why you might need them. Click for more product information...

Types of furniture protector

Pet furniture protectors are available in different types, including:

  • Couch corner protectors:This protector works best at the ends and corners of your couch. They help to protect your sofa from scratches and bumps from pets.
  • Full pet sofa and couch protectors: Beyond safeguarding the edges of your furniture, you can consider materials that would cover your couch and other furniture correctly. These covers come in diverse materials ranging from plastics to microfibres, slip-resistant, waterproof and waterproof.
  • Waterproof throws and blankets:You can purchase blankets and throws made from waterproof material. These blankets may also be slip resistant and highly beneficial to repelling dogs while avoiding unintended pet accidents.

Why do you need a pet furniture protector?

Pet furniture protectors are often easier to clean than leaving the furniture in an open space. These protectors are also decorative and can change the look of your home within minutes. You will love that they help you remove dog hair from your couch and other furniture. They are also easy to use, primarily designed to slide on and off your furniture efficiently. These materials will also stop your dogs from directly biting on your furniture. This is one of the principal reasons to dog-proof your furniture.

Apply other deterrents to stop dogs from chewing 

Your pet furniture deterrent will not be enough to stop dogs from chewing on furniture. There are other steps you must take:

Understand the underlying cause

Dogs may chew on furniture if they are stressed, bored, or anxious. They might also chew furniture if they do not get all the necessary exercise. So you need to assess your dog to determine the cause.

Use unpleasant textures to stop dogs

This includes using aluminum foil or double-sided tape. These materials are sticky and crinkle and would help your canine stop chewing that furniture.

Use unpleasant flavors and odors

You can apply particular tastes and scents to your furniture to stop dogs from continuing to chew on it. DIY ingredients like cayenne pepper and hot sauce may stop dogs from chewing. Comparatively, you can use a commercial, furniture-safe spray to stop them in their tracks.

Act now against unwanted dog behavior

Can’t seem to stop your dog from chewing your furniture? Invest in Nature’s Mace Dog Mace. Dog Mace is an outdoor and indoor repellent that releases pungent odors that dogs dislike, thereby repelling them from targeted areas. Dog Mace in a non-toxic and non-staining solution. Get your Dog Mace today, and you are one step closer to winning that battle. Click for more product information...