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July 05, 2023 3 min read

How do I know if thereis a squirrel in my attic?

Is a squirrel in my attic? Have you ever wondered about the question, "How do I know if there is a squirrel in my attic?" Squirrels are tiny furry balls, but the levels of destruction they can cause should give you pause if you suspect having them in your attic. Click for more squirrel repellent products...

The true danger is that they love to chew and gnaw constantly. And they will feast on both edible and inedible substances. Hence, they will sink their teeth into anything they find in the attic, such as electric wires, gutter lines, insulation, wooden structures, and more. It's no surprise that reports indicate that thousands of fires are caused each year by electrical malfunctions, most likely caused by gnawed electrical lines.

So, it's highly important to learn how to identify them if you have them in your attic. Let's talk about the signs to look out for to know if you have squirrels in your attic.

Look out for sounds in the mornings and late afternoons

If you are hearing gnawing, rustling, or scampering sounds in the early morning or late afternoon, that’s a good sign you are dealing with squirrels. Squirrels are active at these hours and tend to sleep at night. In contrast, mice would prefer moving about at night.

Check for pungent and offensive odors

The odor of squirrel urine is another way to tell if you have squirrels in your attic. Squirrel urine is offensive, and the smell may find its way into your home through the walls and cooling and heating vents. The worst is when the squirrels find the wrong places to die, thereby releasing an even more unbearable odor around your home.

Look out for damage to your home

As said earlier, they can’t resist chewing and gnawing. So you can quickly determine what you're dealing with based on the damage found in the roof or attic entryways. You should inspect the beams, wiring, and molding as well for damage. If you find gnawed-up materials, then you are dealing with squirrels.

Find their droppings

Besides the offensive smell of their urine, you may also find equally off-putting deposits of squirrel droppings. However, these droppings aren’t that distinguishable from mouse poop. But then you will find them scattered around your roof and attic. That said, you shouldn’t touch them with your bare hands, as they are bacteria-ridden. Consider taking a more meticulous approach by cleaning the attic.

Confirm nuts and food deposits within their nests

Squirrels love to store food for the winter months. So, you might find their nests, which are usually made from the chewed-up pieces, alongside leaves and debris. Acorns and other nuts are also found within the nests that they are storing for the winter.

Act fast to remove squirrels from your home

Now you’ve found answers to your question, “How do I know I have squirrels in my attic?”. The next step is to deal with the infestation right away. Squirrels' damage only gets worse as they settle within the attic. They might also likely move into other parts of your home, causing more havoc. Dealing with squirrels requires multiple treatment procedures. But you should never overlook the need for a repellent like Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace. This superb formula is effective against mice, squirrels, and rats. Once applied, it can make these squirrels so uncomfortable that they will seek shelter elsewhere. Do you suspect that you have squirrels in your house? Then order Nature's Mace Rodent Mace right away. Click for more squirrel repellent products...