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July 03, 2023 3 min read

Tips to choosing the best cat repellent for outdoors

Tips to choosing the best cat repellent? The best cat repellent for outdoors may be available in various forms and techniques. Combining multiple cat repellent types is often best to maximize the benefits of keeping strays or feral cats from your backyard. Strays and feral cats are known for digging up your yard and leaving behind their feces. Cat feces may bring into the yard parasites that might result in ailments for you and your family. Feral cats may also carry scabies or mange. Here are the tips to help you pick the best cat repellent for outdoors. Click for more cap repellent information...

 Know the different cat deterrents

There are many types of cat deterrents you can choose from, including:

  • Digging barriers such as sharp mulch, chicken wire, or prickly cat scat mats would prevent cats from defecating in places where you place the deterrents.
  • Motion-activated devices like sprinklers or noises rely on a sudden burst of noise or water to startle and irritate the cat.
  • Ultrasonic cat deterrents release sounds that humans can’t hear but are said to cause discomfort to cats.
  • Commercial cat repellents are usually available as sprays or granules. They combine taste and odors to keep cats away.

You may need more than one cat deterrent.

Always remember that cats are intelligent animals. Plus, the cat species in your area may also influence how effective your cat repellents work. Hence what one household may consider the best cat repellent for outdoors may not work quite well elsewhere. So if your cat deterrent isn’t working effectively, you may need to add another one to maximize results.

Always choose a humane deterrent.

There’s nothing to be gained by using harmful toxic materials that would cause harm to cats. Using such deterrents may also expose other wildlife in the area. You should constantly scrutinize any cat repellent you choose to ensure it contains non-toxic compounds.

Opt for an eco-friendly solution.

Some deterrents may not harm the critter animals but release harmful toxins into the environment over time. These solutions may poison groundwater and even kill your plants. Eco-friendly and biodegradable cat repellents are always better choices.

Apply frequently

Consistency and patience are crucial to ensuring that your deterrence works. While some cat repellents may quickly keep them off, the truth is that they will return a few more times before they get the message. When you stay consistent, they will eventually lose interest.

Get rid of attractants.

No matter how effective a cat repellent is if you don’t get rid of attractants. So you need to find out why those cats are visiting your yard. Perhaps they seek shelter or wish to use your backyard as a toilet. It’s equally possible they are coming for food. Once you find out why eliminate that attractant.

Choose top-of-the-line scent repellent as your first line of defense.

Deterring cats may require multiple cat deterrent strategies, but scent repellents are your first defense. By using pungent odors that cats find uncomfortable, they will stop them from trying to seek vulnerabilities in your other deterrent structures. One of the best cat repellents for the outdoors you might consider is Nature’s Mace Cat Mace. Cat Mace is fast-acting and has been proven to last several weeks before requiring re-application. With Cat Mace, you can quickly get strays and ferals to determine that your yard is forbidden. It is the ideal solution to cat invasions in all seasons. Click for more cap repellent information...