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October 22, 2021 2 min read

Do Mice like birdseed? If you love feeding birds, then you might worry that mice, rats, or squirrels might go after the seeds you left there. So what do you do to keep the mice away while feeding birds?

Mice are troublesome rodents with an opportunistic appetite. They can feed on almost anything, especially food materials made of fats and proteins. So if you have the question – do mice like birdseed? The short answer is they do. What’s more challenging to solve is discouraging them from bird feeding areas without discouraging the birds.

The problem with mice is that although they are part of nature, they also pose a problem. First, they can consume the food and bird seeds intended for the birds. They can also frighten away some bird species. But the awful part is that mice carry diseases and can contaminate the seed or feeder surfaces with their urine, feces, and hair, thereby transmitting the diseases to the birds.

Having bird feeders around your home equally means that there’s a high chance of mice finding their way into your home, leading to a larger rodent problem.

How to discourage mice from bird feeders and seeds

Use a seed tray

Add a seed tray under your feeder pole to catch seeds and hulls that fall as the bird’s seed. These trays will also serve as a second feeding platform for the birds, making it easier to clean up.

Use no waste bird food

Choose bird feeding options that reduce the number of wastes that are dropped, such as hulled seeds like shelled peanuts, sunflower hearts, and hulled millet. Cracked corn, thistle, nectar, and suet are also excellent options.

Clean up and store securely

Sweep hulls and seeds on the ground regularly. Clean your birders regularly with a weak bleach solution to eliminate contamination. Also, store bird seeds in an airtight, watertight, rodent-proof container to keep them away from mice. Also, consider using a container when filling the bird feeder to prevent food crumbs from getting around your garage or home.

Rodent proof your home, and feeders

Consider placing feeders in more natural places than near your home. Also, trim tall grass and shrubbery around the feeders to deprive mice of security. You can also use baffles to prevent rodents from climbing the feeders. Concerning your home, seal all cracks and openings, even those only a quarter-inch long to prevent rodents from coming into your home.

Repel mice

Besides these methods, you could also trap or kill the mice. Fortunately, there are human methods that can be effective. Consider using a mouse repellent around your feeders and home to repel mice.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice like birdseed? Yes, they do and will feed on bird feeders. There’s nothing done to keep them away. Bird feeders may also increase the chances of mice getting into our homes. This is why you must rodent-proof your feeders and home to keep them out. Consider using a rodent repellent to make your yard and home less welcoming to rodents.

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