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October 06, 2021 2 min read

Do mice like cheese? Many humans like cheese so much. This might prompt you to use cheese as the bait for a mousetrap. In this post, we will talk about mice feeding habits and the potential for using cheese as bait.

Mice can eat almost anything they come in contact with within your house, as long as it is soft enough for their teeth. Mice would chew grains, fruits, wires, books, and so on. This is why having a mice infestation is problematic. Mice also populate quickly. Therefore, you need to deal with the mice problem as fast as possible. If you are considering traps, you may wonder – do mice like cheese?

Mice feeding habits

As long as food has a nutritional value, mice are capable of eating that food. This might imply that mice would eat cheese, but it isn’t really true. In reality, mice do not like cheese mostly because of its pungent smell. Though, in the absence of other preferred food, hungry mice might ignore the smell and have a little bit of cheese.

In reality, mice would preferably feed on food containing proteins and fats alongside sugar over cheese. So, if you want to set a mousetrap, cheese should be one of the least on your bait list.

How to get rid of mice?

Mice carry so many kinds of diseases, so getting rid of them is important to keep you and your family safe from those diseases. However, even as a cheese trap wouldn’t do much work, you want to avoid traps and poison. Studies show that mice can actually gnaw through their own body to be free of a trap. It’s often better to use other strategies to get rid of mice from your home. Your first line of defense should be a suitable mice repellent. Besides this, be sure to clean up all food debris in your home as much as possible. You also need to seal off all cracks and crevices to prevent mice from coming into your home.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice like cheese? No, mice don’t like cheese. The pungent smell of cheese can irritate mice. So, if you want to set a mousetrap, don’t use cheese. However, creating mice traps isn’t the best way to get rid of them. It’s better to choose an effective repellent that can help repel and deter mice from your home as fast as possible.

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