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May 22, 2023 2 min read

How to prevent mice in car? It’s important to know how to prevent mice in cars. When mice have their way with our cars, they cause undue problems that require tons of dollars to fix. From chewing wires to damaging the car engine, you must take steps to keep them away entirely. In this guide, we talk about preventive measures you can take to keep them out. Click for more Rodent MACE product information...

Clean your car and surroundings

One of the most underrated ways of preventing mice from entering your car is cleaning. When you clean, you are eliminating any substances that would have attracted them. Get rid of food, snacks, food wrappers, and even the tiniest crumbs. Ensure to also clean your surroundings and make sure you don’t pack your car near food containers or the garbage can.

Avoid moisture build-up within your vehicle

Mice love water and will go anywhere they can find abundance. Moisture buildup in cars can be caused by a leak in the heater or a blocked pollen filter. Having damp clothing in your car may also be a cause of this issue.

Eliminate foliage from your car's surroundings

If you park your car outdoors, consider ensuring that the bushes and grasses are regularly trimmed. This helps prevent providing an inviting space for mice to move about.

Never leave any openings in your car

Leaving the doors of your vehicle slightly ajar, or having the windows or sunroof open may become entry points for mice.

Diligently checking for mice

Regardless of the protective measures you take, you should also realize that mice can be resilient. Hence, you want to actively look for any signs of rodent damage including:

  • Claw marks and droppings
  • Gnawed openings in non-metal engine components
  • Chewed upholstery and insulation
  • Shredded gauze in the air vent
  • Chewed wires within the engine.

Invest in spicy mice tape

If you have a persistent rodent issue, consider using a special spicy tape to protect the wiring in your car. This solution will help mitigate chewing damage.

Cover your car with a good cover

You should also consider investing in a car cover that can not only protect your car from the weather but rodents as well. All you need do is make sure to firmly cover your car every time it’s not in use. That said, this solution may require some costly purchases, but it’s all worth it.

Use rodent-proof scents

There’s no one definite way to prevent mice from entering your car. But a combination of rodent deterrents goes a long way in safeguarding your vehicle from a rodent invasion. Furthermore, you should not overlook the need for a pungent odor barrier.

How to prevent mice in car

One of the most recommended ways to discourage mice and other rodents is by using the right scents that scare them off. Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is a spectacular product that can help discourage critters from taking over your car. You can either sprinkle Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace on your car's exteriors and surroundings or place pouches of the granular formula within your car engine to keep them away. Click for more Rodent MACE product information...