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October 12, 2021 3 min read

Do mice eat roaches? Have you recently checked around your house for roach traps you set and discovered that the roaches’ bodies are not complete?. Perhaps, you only have found the limbs while the entire body is gone. You may have wondered what could have been eating the roaches. In this article, you will get to know if mice are capable of eating cockroaches.

Mice have voracious appetites. They can eat plants, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and even meat. They are also known to eat one another when food is scarce and can bite humans if threatened. Their menu list is almost endless. So, if you find some limbs of roaches in your roach traps, it’s natural to wonder – am I also dealing with mice infestation? Do mice eat cockroaches

Mice and their relationship with roaches

Mice are used to hiding and building their nests in dark areas of most human homes. This is quite similar to roaches because, like mice, roaches will prefer to stay in the dark places of most homes. But, do mice eat roaches?

The short answer is yes, mice can and will eat roaches. Though roaches might not find themselves on the top of the mice menu list, mice would manage them for snacks. On the other hand, roaches feed on mice droppings.

Knowing that mice eat roaches might sound interesting to you. So, you might consider whether having mice deal with the roaches is a win-win situation. First, it’s difficult for mice to catch roaches. They wouldn’t even bother going after the roaches in your house when they have access to several food varieties in your kitchen. Plus, you don’t want mice in your home. They are disease-carrying animals and can contaminate everything they chew, touch, or gnaw, which is dangerous.

Indications of mice or roaches population in your house

Suppose you notice tiny, brownish droppings that are cylindrical in shape or prints in dusty areas, or you hear squeaky sounds in your ceiling, gnawing noises on baseboards, drywall, and flash board, or you even see a life or dead mouse. In that case, it could be an indication of a massive mice population in your house.

The signs that you have roaches in your house are a bit similar to that of mice. Because they leave droppings that look like little brown smears on walls, inside cabinets, bathroom, toilets, kitchen, and other areas, roaches crawl. If you also notice that some books or cardboard in your house have been chopped entirely, then it is possible that roaches must have infested your home.

Get rid of roaches and mice fast.

Many people dislike the presence of roaches in their homes. But, the company of mice might even be more irritating and damaging. Both cockroaches and mice are pests that you wouldn’t want to be found in your home. So, it is paramount that you apply every possible means to get rid of them. Consider using a rodent and roach repellent concurrently to get rid of these pests from your home. Next, carry out thorough sanitation of your house and seal all entryways. Roaches and mice are also attracted to food crumbs and litter. So, you should always wipe surfaces free of such debris.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice eat roaches? Yes, mice eat cockroaches, even as they are not among their favorite foods. However, it shouldn’t let you feel that mice are okay to be in your house. Due to the disease, they carry and the nuisance they are capable of causing in your home, invest in suitable rodent and roach deterrents to get them out of your house.

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