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October 11, 2021 2 min read

Do mice like peanut butter? With the damages caused by mice in most homes in recent times, getting rid of them is the only option. And to do that, you have to know their likes and dislikes. Mice have several varieties of foods on their menu. Could peanut butter be one of them? This article will give a detailed explanation of the affinity of mice and peanut butter.

Due to the devastating nature of mice in most homes, most humans would not want to have mice in their homes. Setting mouse traps happen to be the most common way to get rid of mice in various homes.

Baits are generally needed for such purposes. This might leave you wondering – what can be used as bait? Do mice like peanut butter?

Mice like peanut butter

Getting to know the kind of foods mice like might appear tricky at first sight. This is because their menu seems endless. But one thing you should know is that mice like grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and sweet foods.

Peanut butter happens to fall in the kind of foods mice like. When setting a mousetrap, it is better to use peanut butter over other foods like cheese. Don’t mind the old tales and cartoons that portray that mice can’t resist cheese. In reality, it is different because it would be hard for mice to resist peanut butter. This is why mouse traps with peanut butter work better.

Other ways to deter mice from your home

Using bait alone isn’t enough to get rid of mice from your home. The reality is that getting rid of mice requires combining different strategies.

So, it is also vital to make use of a suitable rodent repellent as well. You can purchase an effective repellent made from natural but great ingredients that will safely stop them from entering your home.

We also recommend that you mouse-proof your home by finding and sealing all possible entry points to prevent them from returning to your home. Always remember that mice can pass through quarter-inch holes. Mice can also chew through sealing materials made of plastic and drywall. So, use caulk or steel wool in its place.

Furthermore, avoid providing attractants within and outside your home, which might invite them into your home. This includes placing your garbage cans several meters away from your home, and they must be carefully sealed. Ensure to wipe all surfaces, especially in the kitchen, to avoid keeping food crumbs that can attract them. Also, store all unsealed food with airtight containers and out of the reach of mice.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice like peanut butter? For sure, mice like peanut butter. The smell of peanut butter is something mice can hardly resist. This is why many people consider using bait traps made with peanut butter. However, bait isn’t enough to get rid of mice. You also need to practice other deterrent measures alongside investing in suitable rodent repellents so you can say goodbye to that awful experience of having mice in your home.

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