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November 07, 2020 2 min read

Do deer eat peanuts?If you’re hunting or growing, you might wonder about the answer to this question.

In this article, we’ll discuss the special connection between deer and peanuts.

Growers cultivate peanuts for many reasons. These legumes can remarkably improve the soil quality of your land. Peanuts also bring massive revenue commercially. Also, these sources of protein can be a tasty and nutritious snack for your entire family. Therefore, you might ask the question – do deer eat peanuts? If so, what can I do about it?

Deer and Peanuts

With shells or without, deer eat peanuts; they’re actually one of their favorite foods. Nuts include pecans, acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts, and many more. Deer go after peanuts during the fall or early winter to fuel up with enriching nutrients. The food source is essential to survive the bitter cold and harsh elements. Deer also eat other parts of the peanut plant, including leaves and vines, for protein. The potential loss can discourage growers, so you need to consider deterrents.

As a peanut farmer, you can try deer repellents like noise and visual scare tactics. These methods might work, but only for a while. You need to alternate between deer deterrents to protect your peanut plants. The most effective way to protect your crops is to install fencing, especially one with an 8′ height.However, we recommend using a mix of different deer deterrent methods for that reason. You can also consider growing other crops along with your peanuts. Deer-resistant plants include bleeding heart, rhubarb, foxglove, and lots more. Although these perennials aren’t tasty, they can still be eaten. If deer can’t find their preferred food source, they’ll eat other crops.

Peanuts as a Food Plot for Deer

Peanuts are an excellent choice for people wishing to create deer food plots. Overall, whitetails love eating every bit of these legumes. The deer may mow the peanut crops to the ground if you’re not too careful. For food plots, we recommend cultivating at the beginning of May.However, this plan has one drawback;peanut fields are expensive to start. You may want to consider other traditional plants for deer. Instead of peanuts, choose crops that require less attention, effort, and money to grow.

Concluding Thoughts

Do deer eat peanuts? Yes, they do. In truth, deer go “nuts” about nuts and will consume the seeds, vines, and leaves of the plant. The animals’ love for the crop can be heart-wrenching for growers. Cultivating peanuts requires takes a lot of effort and has high costs.Ensure you implement deer deterrents like an excellent 8′ fence to protect your crops. You may also need to combine other methods or plants to save your peanuts. Find a balance and alternate your deer-proofing techniques to have a bountiful harvest.

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