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May 19, 2023 3 min read

How do you keep cats off furniture? Shedding fur is often not a problem compared to urine marks and their natural desire to scratch furniture. If given a chance, our feline friends may transform our furniture into “scarred war-torn artifacts.” So, you may consider finding a humane and pain-free way to protect your furniture from your cat. Click for more cat repellent product information...

Citrus as a cat repellent

Cats absolutely hate the smell of citrus because of the same tangy and spicy aroma humans love. So, it may seem that citrus spray is an excellent natural cat repellent. These sprays may be made from citrus fruits like lemon or orange. Some people make a mixture by boiling the peels of different citrus fruits in water and mixing it with a squirt of lemon-scented dish soap. The resulting solution has a lovely aroma that humans love. But is this solution the best way to deter cats from your furniture?

Is citrus the best way to keep cats off furniture?

The short answer is no. While the citrus spray may repel cats, it may not be the best solution. First, you must realize that all citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit, may be toxic to cats, especially if they ingest them accidentally. Again, if their skin comes in contact with the solution, and then they go out in the sun, it might cause burns.

Besides, there’s also a high chance your citrus cat repellent may stain and damage fabrics such as leather. Also, lemon extract (or its oil) may even remove the color from some fabrics and wood, but this depends on the strength and dilution of that juice. So you should always test on a section of your furniture before spraying all around. Other methods to try to include:

1.  Use aluminum pans

You can place aluminum pans on the counter's edge so that the pan will fall down when your cat tries to jump on the furniture. The loud noise it creates will surprise the cat and stop them from jumping on that furniture in the future. However, you should only use this technique if you have hardwood floors.

2.  Add plastic carpets

Plastic carpets, especially the ones with little plastic spikes, can help deter cats. When they try climbing on that furniture or scratching against it, the unpleasant experience will quickly teach them to keep off.

 3.  Bring in the toys

Consider playing a sturdy scratching post with other scratching items within reach. You should also reward your cats each time they use these scratching items. By doing so, you are reinforcing positive behavior and helping wean them off scratching your furniture.

 4.  Use a double-sided tape

A no-residue double-sided tape can deter cats from your furniture. Due to its stickiness, cats would likely avoid that unpleasant sticky feeling. You may also use sandpaper, aluminum foil, or sheet plastic.

5.  Use a cat repellent

Cat repellents like Nature’s Mace Cat Mace are designed to keep cats off furniture without harming them or humans. You can use Nature’s Mace Cat Mace to create an excellent boundary that stops cats from taking over your furniture and home.

Using citrus to keep cats off furniture

Choose Nature’s Mace Cat Mace today and enjoy a humane and pain-free solution to your cat woes. Click for more cat repellent product information...