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January 23, 2023 3 min read

In this article we will discuss prickly plants that repel cats. One of the best ways to keep cats off lawn is by using their sense of smell. Like most of the feline species, cats have a heightened sense of smell. They will mostly stay away from plants with a strong and pungent aroma. That said, what if you could combine scent with a prickly structure? This further enhances the deterrence, giving you less worry about stray or feral cats. Here is our top selection of prickly plants to keep cats off lawn. Click for more product information…



Barberry is an amazing evergreen shrub known for its thorny branches that can grow as high as 9 feet. You’ll love its bright yellow blooms that emerge during the summer months. This plant is mostly cultivated as a foundation business and can find its way into your garden. It’s also low maintenance.


The pungent aroma of roses can keep cats away. But also the thorny branches as well. Some rose varieties don’t equally need as much maintenance. All you should provide is a sunny location and decent drainage.


Hawthorn is a small showy tree that often brings about amazing white flowers in spring, followed by gorgeous fall color and red amazing winter fruits. This tree equally has fierce thorns and can be planted at the perimeters of your yard to keep cats out.


Planting holly bushes are equally a great way to keep cats off lawn. Hollies also come in many forms from shrubs to dwarf trees, so there’s a holly variety for every garden.


Tangelos are a hybrid of grapefruits and mandarins. This sweet-smelling plant is so easy to grow in your home and yard. The pungent aroma and prickly branches are an ideal way to keep cats out.

6.Prickly pear

The prickly pear cactus is also a great perimeter plant to keep strays out. That said, you should exercise caution when cultivating them, as they can actually cause harm to pets and children.


Agave is an amazing addition to your garden. You can find tons of varieties ranging from rosy-toned stumps to tiny green bulbous leaves. You should seek the varieties that come with sharp hook-line spines. Some common agave species for your landscape include foxtail, Caribbean, and whale’s tongue agave.

8.Thorny blackberry

Thorny blackberry is a great addition to your garden. Like raspberries, they won’t require much maintenance. Simply seek thorny blackberries and you will enjoy gorgeous perennial plants that survive year after year.


Blackthorns are a great choice for creating hedges around your garden. These are mostly small deciduous trees that grow in woodlands, thickets, and scrubs. That said, blackthorn should be cultivated with caution as a single prick from its thorny branches can lead to ‘blackthorn poisoning’, which often shows up as joint pain, swelling and infection.

Other plants for repelling cats

Other plants that can protect your treasured blooms from cats include peppermint, citronella, curry herb, pennyroyal, coleus canina, rue, oregano, geranium, lemon thyme, lavender, and rosemary.

A robust defense against cats

Aside from strong-smelling plants, you should also invest in other repellent solutions to keep cats off your lawn. Consider using brewed coffee grounds to keep strays away. That said, commercial cat repellents like Nature’s Mace Cat Mace copy the smell of things that cats fear, thereby keeping them off your lawn. Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is non-toxic, organic, and long-lasting. It offers waterproof protection, thereby requiring less frequent application than many homemade mixtures.

9 prickly plants that repel cats

Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is also available in granules and liquid sprays and is ideal for your entire outdoor space, including your outdoor furniture. Choose Nature’s Mace Cat Mace today and reclaim your territory. Click for more product information…

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