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November 06, 2018 2 min read

Hissing is a way by which cats express their protective attributes.Although it may seem weird and unusual for your cat to hiss at a person, there is often a reason why they do that. When a cat hisses, it is often an indication of some sort of fear factor, and as a cat owner, you must be sensitive and find out why your cat is troubled by that situation or person.

The significance of a cat hiss

A cat hiss is a clear show of aggression. If you have a friend over and the person is petting your cat, she may hiss to express a form of fear on the action of the person, or it may just be that she is appreciative of the gesture. Also, if you cat lacks a bit of socialization most especially as a kitten, then there is the tendency that she may hiss at any new person she comes in contact with. A close observation will let you know what circumstances and actions are making the hissing occur.

The reason why cats hiss

A potential threat in the form of an unknown guest in your house or a dog walking past your front yard can annoy your cat, propelling her to protect herself and frighten the intruder by giving out a hiss. In most cases, it works for them as a dog wouldn’t want to come close to a hissing cat, and neither would your guests. Hisses are hostile expressions and shouldn’t be mistaken as an indication of play and friendliness.

Medical Conditions

Sometimes hisses are caused by medical conditions such as nervous system diseases, dental problems, and even arthritis. If your cat exhibits hissing for no reason at all, it may be that she is going through some pain and difficulty. It is essential you take the cat to your vet for a thorough examination to identify the cause of the hissing behavior.

Actions to take

Hissing is often a sign of aggression and if you happen to witness your kitty hissing, give them space and time to calm down. You can simply leave the area and move to another room. If you don’t know what ignited the hissing, seek the advice of your vet to be sure it is not a medical condition. With the help of a professional cat trainer, you can work on your cat and help reduce future occurrence of hissing.

 Why Do Cats Hiss