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November 12, 2018 2 min read

There are lots of scents cats hate but often times, it is the scent of leaves and plants that just turn cats off.

Typically, some smells are just repulsive to cats. Depending on your needs, you can use these smells to your advantage or just avoid them for your cat’s sake. Here are some of the scents that cats just hate


Oranges, limes, lemons and the entire citrus family are scents cats dislike. To use these scents to your advantage, dab specific areas of your house with orange oil or scatter orange peels in particular regions or things, your cats will never go there or play with those things again.

Pine and cedar

In the market today, you can find an array of natural cat litters that are made from pine. Beautiful as they may be, strong scents from pine can be a worry for cats. Rather than use a pine scented litter, go for a more neutral litter to avoid some issues with your cat. The flip side of pine and cedar scent is that they are not generally hated by cats, now and then, you can find some cats appreciative of the scent.


One of the reasons why some animals are apprehensive to some plant scents is because some of the plants are toxic in nature. An example of this is the eucalyptus. Cats and including dogs find eucalyptus toxic to them. In some cases, some humans find the smell from eucalyptus very repulsive because it smells like medicine. It is best not to use it as a training smell for your cats.

Wintergreen oil

The smell of wintergreen oil can be strong for cats, and they don’t like it. Wintergreen is generally used for a variety of products from cocktails to even gum. You can dab specific areas that you intend to keep your cats away from with the oil.

What are the scents cats hate