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January 21, 2023 3 min read

What surefire ways can keep cats out of yard?

Are you interested in the best ways to keep cats out of yard? Perhaps, you’ve gone through tons of techniques with no results. Here we talk about the most effective methods that are safe and non-toxic to cats. We equally discuss the most practical ways to use them. Click for product information…

1.Add prickly objects to your yard

If you have tender blooms, you wish to protect, prickly works best. Invest in chicken wire or chopsticks and embed them into your garden beds. You can also use mulch from shredded wood, plastic pieces, or egg shells. If you are interested in buying a more convenient prickly layer, then buy a scat mat. That said, once you’ve laid it, you may have to use shoes and gloves when working to avoid hurting yourself.

2.Install a cat-proof fence

Cat-proof fence solutions have more than just the fence in place. They often have extensions at the top that would prevent cats from jumping into your garden. Fortunately, you can make one yourself from PVC pipes attached to wooden fence solutions.

3.Motion-activated sprinklers

One of the best ways to keep cats out of yard is by using a motion-activated sprinkler. Cats would do anything to avoid that unpleasant and surprising water bath.

4.Grow thorny hedges

Cats dislike prickly structures. So you can use this technique to keep cats and other strays out of your yard. Some of the best prickly plants you can try include holly, tangelo, hawthorn, prickly pear, agave, thorny blackberry, and roses.

5.Motion-sensitive sounds

Motion-sensitive sounds emit loud and high-pitched noises that would keep cats away. You can also try wind chimes or even devices that would rattle rocks or pebbles in a jar. The sudden sounds are enough to scare them off.

6.Wash up your yard

Cats love visiting familiar places and often mark visited spots with their urine. Consider washing your yard with a hose to remove their urine spray and scent. Add an eco-friendly liquid castile soap when doing that, especially when cleaning your outdoor furniture.

7.Essential oils

You can make a cat repellent spray from drops of lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils. You need generous drops of each essential oil in water. Once mixed, you can spray or soak rags with them and place them around your yard.

8.Commercial cat repellents

Commercial cat repellents are available either in granular or liquid forms. These repellents often combine scents that induce fear and make cats uncomfortable.

What surefire ways can keep cats out of yard?

One of the most amazing non-toxic formulas to keep cats out of yard is Nature’s Mace Cat Mace. It is also available in granules and liquid sprays. So you can choose to sprinkle or spray around your yard and garden. The best part is that Cat Mace comes with waterproof protection, requiring less frequent re-application. Cat Mace will equally not harm your pets, unwanted felines, or your plants. Get Cat Mace today and make it easier for felines to start ignoring your yard. Click for product information…

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