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June 28, 2022 2 min read

Having cats around your yard can be lovely, but the mess they are capable of causing can make you look for ways to keep cats from pooping in the yard. No matter how amazing their company might seem, it can be very frustrating when they make a mess of your yard, by using it as their pooping arena. That is why this article is focused on showing you the 5 deterrents to keep cats from pooping in the yard. Here we go. Click here for more product information…

How to keep cats from pooping in the yard

1)Remove food sources

Cats would always look for the best spots that offer food. One such food source is your waste bin. Always ensure that your waste bin is properly closed at all times.

2)Give your yard an intense cleaning

If cats always love hanging around your yard, you can decide to give your yard a facelift, by carrying out intense cleaning. Besides, cats poop mostly in places they visit regularly, and they will be accustomed to the scent of such places, which will make them keep coming back. So, clean up with Castille soap and running water to make your yard less familiar.

3)Remove shelter

A good shelter is what most animals crave. Your yard might be a perfect place if they can find a good shelter. So, it is important you get rid of things in your yard that might make cats too comfortable. If there are areas in your yard with clutters, get rid of them fast. So that when cats come around, they won’t be able to find a place to stay. The absence of shelter would discourage cats and keep cats from pooping in the yard.

4)Spread twigs around your yard

Cats love moving on smooth and easygoing surfaces. So, to keep cats from pooping in the yard, you can spread twigs on the ground of your yard. This will discourage them from moving around and pooping in the yard, although it will also make your yard look unclean. Apart from twigs, there are other unpleasant things cats hate stepping on. Examples of them are eggshells, chicken wire, holly cuttings, sharp stones, and so on. You can also spread such things as an alternative to twigs.

5)Use commercial cat repellents

The use of commercial cat repellents is a very effective way to keep cats from pooping in the yard. Commercial cat repellents like Nature’s Mace Cat Mace are a powerful formula that can discourage bad cat behavior. Available in both liquid and granular forms, Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is easy to apply.

5 best techniques to keep cats from pooping in the yard

All you need do is spray around your yard especially at the boundaries and access points to make cats so uncomfortable that they will not return. Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is also non-toxic, making it safe for use around people, pets and the environment. Choose Nature’s Mace Cat Mace and take back control of your property. Product Review…

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