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January 07, 2023 3 min read

Are you interested in cat proof fencing ideas to keep your cats contained? Cats need lots of space to exercise and have fun. But they can get into trouble when left to their own devices. Hence you might consider cat-proof fencing options that can make it easy for your cat to have all that extra space while paying attention to safety. These fencing options will not only keep stray cats out of your home. Click for stray and feral cat repellent products…

Think of gaps in your fence

Cats are pretty good at slipping in and out of tight spaces. So you should check your existing fence for any space. Usually, look out for gaps that are wider than 2 inches and close them up. Depending on where those gaps appear, you can use chicken wire, rocks, gravel, or mulch.

Invest in a scat mat

Suppose you want to stop cats from coming into your garden, especially when you have vulnerable plants. In that case, a scat mat is a great solution. These mats will make the ground and surface prickly, stopping cats from attempting to go over them. Cat scat mats are excellent for wrapping around trees and placing them under potted plants.

Use a curved fence

When a fencing solution does not go straight up, it can discourage cats from attempting to go over them. However, this fencing solution can be expensive to install and maintain.

Use a wire mesh fence

Consider adding a wire mesh to the top of your existing fence in a way that forms an arch. When cats try to climb the mesh, it folds and bends, thereby stopping them from being able to enter your property. A good alternative is using chicken wire.

Install an extension using shelf brackets and chicken wire

Another great cat-proof fencing idea you can install using chicken wire is an overhang. You simply have to attach shelf brackets to the edges of your fence and then place chicken wire over it. This creates a curved arc that would stop cats from coming in or going out. This system may be cheaper than most, but it certainly isn’t as attractive.

Freestanding cat enclosure

You can also create a freestanding cat enclosure. This system helps you provide ample space for your cat to roam freely while separating the rest of your yard as well. Similarly, it can prevent stray cats from ever coming into your property to have territorial scuffles with your feline family. The right system should be constructed from steel and should have a great perch and elevated walking path for your cat.

Rolling fence topper

A rolling fence topper can help keep cats from coming in or leaving your yard. You can purchase a cat rolling fence topper or make one yourself from a plastic or gray metal pipe.

When a fencing solution isn’t possible – Try Nature’s Mace

Perhaps all you wish to do is keep cats out of your yard, garden, or lawn. If you can’t install a fence due to zoning issues or because fences can be unattractive, you can invest in other repellent solutions. A cat repellent spray like Nature’s Mace is inexpensive to keep cats away from your property.

7 Cat Proof Fencing Ideas

Unlike most cat fencing solutions, it is easy, fast-acting, and will only require re-application after a few weeks. Try Nature’s Mace today, and you will succeed in stopping cats from taking over your personal space. Click for stray and feral cat repellent products…

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