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September 06, 2022 3 min read

Does cat proof fencing work? Installing a cat proof fence seems to be the rave of the moment. Cat proof fencing is installed with the mindset that certain physical barriers can stop your feline friends from escaping and prevent strays from climbing walls and finding their way into your garden.

Generally, there are two main ways to install a cat proof fence; fences you can build from scratch and fences that require adding extra material at the top of an existing fence. Beyond that, there are also tons of materials you may choose from with varying levels of strength, effectiveness, and adaptability. Product Review…

Modifying existing fencing systems

Modified fences often repurpose “coyote rollers” to become cat fence top rollers. These devices are cylindrical and will rest on the fence to make cats seem like they were running on a log in the water. So, when they try to climb and dig their claws in or try over the fence, the spin of the coyote roller stops them from being able to grip.

Installing a new cat proof fence

These fencing systems are designed from the ground up to deter cats; usually, the fence is high enough and the top bent inwards or outwards to stop cats. This fencing solution is often made from softer and bendable materials, which may cause the fence to fold when the cat attempts climbing.

DIY methods

The third category of fencing solutions is a system you can install on your own with readily available materials. A popular one is using shelf brackets and chicken wire to create a solid wall that stops cats. Another great DIY method is attaching a PVC pipe to the top of an existing fence using steel cable. This system works like the rollers.

Freestanding cat enclosure

If you have vulnerable vegetable patches you wish to protect, you can also consider installing a freestanding cat enclosure for your cat. Such enclosure may give your cat an elevated path for walking and a good perch, but they won’t have their way with your entire yard or lawn.

No method is entirely cat proof

There’s no way to completely ‘cat proof’ your home using a single deterrent method. Different cats respond to different methods differently. So, the cat proof fence can have negative outcomes. You must combine methods to contain your cats or keep strays out effectively. One of the best cat proofing strategies is using a cat repellent spray. Other methods might include adding a cat scat mat to vulnerable areas on your property, providing outdoor cat litter boxes, and much more.

Reinforce your cat proof fencing with scent-based repellent

Does cat proof fencing work? Ready to stop your feline family members or stray cats from exhibiting unwanted behavior?

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