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April 06, 2022 3 min read

This guide shares with you everything you need to know about installing a cat fence outdoor device, including its benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you need to keep your own cats from jumping out of your property or repel strays from coming in, you need a cat deterrent solution. One such solution you might consider is installing a physical fence. Outdoor cat fence devices are physical barriers that would stop cats from jumping over. When you install your own cats, it’s either because you care about their safety or wish to protect your precious plants and outdoor furniture. The same principle applies when repelling strays and feral cats from your property.

Types of cat fence outdoor solutions

1. Freestanding fence

This kind of fencing solution hangs isolated with an extension at the top that bends inwards like a loaded arm to stop cats from climbing and jumping. This cat fence outdoor device is usually made from flexible poly mesh material to make climbing and jumping very difficult. However, the horizontal extension arms will equally swing downward to return your pet to the ground. At the same time, this fencing solution will stop diverse kinds of critters (including stray cats) from getting in.

2.Existing fencing extensions

If you already have a fence in place, you can consider adding a topper extension to cat-proof your fence. There are diverse kinds of extensions you can use such as coyote rollers, fence toppers, spiky strips, etc.

3.Full Enclosures

If you wish to build a dedicated spot for your cat within your property, consider a full enclosure. This solution is suitable for people with smaller yards, balconies, and decks. With this solution, you can provide a safe outdoor experience for your cat while stopping them from having their way around your property. Nevertheless, this enclosure type won’t keep strays out.

Is cat fencing effective?

Cat fencing solutions are highly effective and would work against most cats. However, they equally have limitations:

  • Cat fencing solutions are very expensive to install and maintain. You need to methodically check your fencing material to repair any damage and ensure that it works optimally.
  • You might have to ask your neighbor to install the same device on their side of the fence to avoid visiting cats from becoming trapped in your yard.
  • There are also sections of your home where it might be challenging to have a fence installed.
  • Your fencing solution may also disrupt the beauty of your landscape.
  • If your concern is mostly strays or feral cats, you might also have reservations about installing a fencing solution as some breeds might still find their way into your property.

Why combine multiple strategies to effectively repel cats?

Whether you choose to install a cat fence outdoor device, you should also consider other cat deterrence strategies as well. Techniques like using motion-activated sprinklers, blasts of noise, and scent-based repellents can deliver remarkable results.

What you need to know about installing a cat fence outdoor device

Nature’s Mace Cat Mace stands out as a superb scent-based repellent that combines some of the most effective scents to keep cats out of your property for good. This deterrent is so easy to apply over large spaces with incredible results from the first application. You can combine Nature’s Mace Cat spray and granules with your chosen fencing solution to create an environment that discourages even the strongest and most agile feline critters from having their way with your property.

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