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April 07, 2022 3 min read

If you are worried about the best chipmunk repellents then you need to learn to discern what works from what doesn’t.

Chipmunks are one of the most destructive rodents to encounter in your garden. They will eat everything from beneficial insects to fruits, nuts, buds, bulbs, and other garden plantings. Chipmunks can also migrate to the foundation of your house through their underground burrows and begin to wreak havoc there causing extensive structural damage. Studies also show that chipmunks, like most rodents, carry various diseases that they can pass on to humans. A good example is Lyme disease.

Fortunately, there are ways you can discourage and remove these chipmunks from your garden. Here we talk about the 6 most effective chipmunks repellents to try.

1.Make your garden less attractive with chipmunk repellents for your garden

Keep your garden tidy by cleaning up all debris from your fruit trees and berry bushes. If you store seeds, ensure they are enclosed in an air-tight container else they become attractants for chipmunks. Again, if you feed birds, invest in bird-feeders that are high off the ground and away from fences.

2.Use chipmunk repelling plants

Fortunately, some plants can repel a good number of critters including chipmunks. Some such plants include garlic, crocuses, geraniums, daffodils, peppermint, and spearmint. Also why we don’t recommend sprinkling cayenne pepper, hot sauce, or chili pepper across your garden, you can grow hot chili peppers around your garden to repel them.

3.Eliminate nesting spots

Chipmunks will take refuge in your garden if they can find spots that offer privacy. Hence you should bag and dispose of small rocks, clippings, and vines that might offer this privacy to chipmunks.

4.Enforce good fencing

Installing a fence is also a great way to deal with chipmunks. Consider installing an L-shaped mesh fence around the base of foundations, porches, fences, and other walls. You can equally add a gravel border in the place of box shrubs as well.

5.Put up an owl box

You can also eliminate chipmunks from your garden by building an owl box. Owls feed on small rodents like chipmunks and are an excellent way to control your chipmunk population without necessarily kicking them all out. This method will not only take care of the chipmunks but also control rats, mice, moles, and voles.

6.Purchase scent-based commercial chipmunk repellent

Chipmunk repellents combine multiple ingredients to create a superb odor barrier that chipmunks and other rodents would run from. These products are either available as liquid repellents or dry repellents(usually pellets) that can be applied all over your garden and property. The right product won’t kill the chipmunks but discourage them from visiting your property.

6 best chipmunk repellents for your garden

Nature’s Mace rodent repellent combines proven natural ingredients that chipmunks dislike, helping you protect your vulnerable garden from its destructive habits. It contains harmful chemicals and is available in both liquid and dry repellent. It is also perfectly safe to use in gardens, flowerbeds, house foundations, attic, and around trash cans. Choose Nature’s Mace rodent repellent and protect your home and garden from unwanted invaders.

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