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April 08, 2022 3 min read

Dogs can wreak havoc on your lawn, which is why you need to invest in strategies to keep dogs off grass. If allowed, your pup or stray might urinate and transform your garden into one giant litter box.

They might also spend time digging as well. The result is a hard-worn grass carpet that is pockmarked with holes, unsightly burns from urine, and a devastating smell. Hence, letting dogs take control of your lawn can become a nightmare in no time.

So, what can you do to keep dogs from destroying your lawn? Here are the top 10 solutions to keep dogs away from your gorgeous lawn.

1.Change fertilizer

Dogs are easily triggered by the smell of organic material. This is especially true if the materials in question are fish, blood and bone meals. In it’s place, you should choose a plant-based fertilizer.

2.Cultivate spiky or smelly plants

Dogs would avoid areas with particular plants such as lavender. You can use this as a win-win to keep dogs off grass while transforming your lawn into a gorgeously scented space. Besides planting for their pungent smells, you can also consider cultivating prickly or thorny plants such as cactus or rose bushes around the perimeters of your lawn to create a physical barrier against dog invaders.

3.Use your sprinklers

Consider installing motion-activated sprinklers to scare off not just dogs but other unwanted critters like raccoons and cats. However, you need to be cautious about where you install these devices. You don’t want to have the delivery man or your neighbor drenched in water.

4.Install a fence

A fence is an excellent barrier to keep dogs off your property. You can have these fences made from flexible poly mesh, chicken wire or even wood. An electric fence should only be used as an extreme measure when all else fails. However, you will have to check your fence regularly, make repairs and check the perimeter for holes dug by stubborn canines.

5.Make the ground uneven

In areas where dogs love to dig, you can consider burying some uncomfortable deterrents such as rocks or plastic chicken wire. You should install this digging deterrent about six inches beneath the ground. This will prevent them from digging without harming their paw.

6.Provide a designated play space

If you are concerned about keeping your own dogs from having their way with your lawn, then you need to be careful about how you establish deterrence. It can be confusing to your dog if they are allowed to run in the grass in the park but banned from the lawn which makes training them challenging. You will more possibly succeed if you create a special enclosure where he is allowed to play.

7.Reward your dog for good behavior

Now to ensure that your dog gets the memo that you need her to use that designated play space, use positive reinforcement. Reward your dog when he listens and follows directions. Have treats handy in your yard, so you can quickly reward her for using that space.

8.Spray a scent-based repellent

These products are available as sprays or pellets and combine scents that dogs dislike. Hence, they help you create an uncomfortable scent barrier that would keep dogs away from your grass and property.

8 helpful tips to keep dogs off grass

When searching for a superb scent-based repellent proven to keep dogs off grass, Nature’s Mace dog repellent comes to mind. Available in sprays and granules, this product is ideal for repelling dogs from your entire lawn. You will especially love that this scent-based repellent can be applied across most grass varieties alongside outdoor furniture without harming you, your furry friends or the ecosystem. Choose Nature’s Mace today, and take back control of your outdoor space.

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