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December 15, 2021 2 min read

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of digging repellents for dogs? If you have dogs digging your yard, then this guide is for you. Here you will learn how to keep them from this destructive behavior without harming your pets or strays.

Our furry friends are a huge part of the family. But, sometimes it doesn’t feel that way if we have them out of control in our lawns and gardens. One such destructive behavior you wouldn’t want is digging. When they do so, they uproot vegetables, plants, and the lawn itself. But that’s not the end of it, they also urinate on these plants killing them and causing unsightly burns across the lawns. So how can you stop dogs from doing all of this in your garden and yard? Do digging repellents for dogs work?

What is a dog digging repellent?

Digging repellents for dogs are usually products designed to keep dogs from digging. Usually, these repellents repel dogs by their smell and are quite effective. However, there are two main kinds of repellents. If you are concerned about using products that might harm your dog, you may consider using homemade dog digging repellents. What most people do not know is that very irritating substances made at home can actually harm your dogs. For instance, a cayenne spray can actually irritate your dog’s sensitive nose, eyes, and throat. On the other hand, creating dog repellents out of vinegar might work effectively but may kill your plants and grass. Some people talk about using dog poop which should be effective for keeping them from digging, but the smell isn’t even pleasant for you.

You should also avoid using ammonia as ammonia can damage a pet’s throat and stomach if accidentally consumed.

So what is the best solution?

Invest in a naturally formulated commercial dog repellent

What if you could get a dog digging repellent that effectively deters your dogs without harming them or your environment? Naturally-designed commercial dog repellent can effectively keep dogs from digging your lawn and garden.

Fortunately, brands like Nature MACE have created the best solutions with guaranteed success. Our biodegradable range of dog repellents will not harm you, your pets, or the environment. You can either purchase granulated or liquid-ready to spray repellents for safe use in your garden, lawn, and home. Our liquid dog repellents are ideal for spraying a wide parameter and will repel dogs through their odor and taste.

One application should last up to 30 days except in case of prolonged or heavy rains. You can also purchase Nature MACE dog repellent in granular form. This contains the same active ingredient and offers up to 30-days protection. But in this case, granular dog repellents work as protective barriers especially when you want to protect the most vulnerable part of your garden or lawn.

Ready to say goodbye to such destructive habits from your furry friends? Use Nature Mace Dog repellent to turn your lawn and garden into an unpleasant and unfamiliar space without harming them. Nature Mace Dog repellent is the perfect humane solution to effectively protect your precious space.

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