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December 10, 2021 2 min read

Generally, there are different kinds of dog repellent you might come across. In this guide, we will talk about the most common types to help you make the best choice.

Having a stray dog doing his/her business on your lawn is a challenging sight. You can choose to use dog repellents to keep them off. However, there are diverse natural, artificial and social solutions to choose from. Here we will talk about the different solutions, alongside their drawbacks to help make a perfect choice. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that one repellent alone might not be the best solution. You should consider combining multiple strategies especially when you live in an area with aggressive strays.


A physical barrier is also an effective way to keep dogs out of your garden. Dogs looking for an easy spot to take care of their business will possibly avoid lawns with a study physical barrier such as a fence. Generally, you can choose from wooden fences, wire fences, and electrified fencing. Nevertheless, if you have a fence, always check for holes and have them repaired to maintain that barrier.

2.Home remedies

Home remedies appear cheap and can help deter dogs from your lawn. However, many home remedies have been known to harm dogs. For instance ammonia, cayenne pepper can burn their throat and nose. Generally, you should refrain from using any home remedies such as mothballs, coffee grounds, tobacco, and detergents.

3.Dog repellent plants

Some plants may also deter dogs through their strong pungent smells or prickly foliage. For instance, dogs are bothered by the smell of marigold and lavender. Other examples include daffodils, rules, scaredy-cat plants, pepper plants, and lots more. However, you should note that plants may not provide the perfect solution against curious dogs. Dog repellent plants may only provide a temporary solution. They might even invite dogs to pee on them to mark their territory. Hence you should also consider other solutions alongside.

4.Use organic fertilizer

Some dogs may not like the smell of organic material. If you are cultivating a garden and dogs seem drawn to your plants, then changing your fertilizer might be a good idea. Dogs are especially attracted to fertilizers made from bone meal, fish, and blood. In its place, we recommend using a plant-based fertilizer.

5.Dog repellent

Dog repellent products for lawns are a great solution to discourage dogs from your lawns. These products usually deter dogs through their pungent smell and taste. These products may be available in granules or sprays. However, it’s highly important to choose a commercial dog repellent created from natural ingredients. This solution will not affect the aesthetics of your yard and will not also negatively affect your garden.

Nature MACE develops an amazing set of safe and biodegradable dog repellents that will have them scurrying away. What’s more these repellents will not harm these strays or your own dog. They are also harmless to the surrounding environment, making Nature MACE the perfect solution to your pest woes.

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