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February 14, 2022 2 min read

This guide will help you implement the best way to keep dogs. Whether you are dealing with strays or your own pets, having them overcome your lawn and garden can become a nuisance. Dogs love marking their surroundings with urine which can kill some sensitive plants in your garden.

They can also transform your garden into a litter box and dig up what’s left of it. Therefore, you need to take steps to keep dogs away from your garden and yard.

1.Set a designated area for your dog

If you have special areas you would not like your dog to move to in your premises, such as your garden, then you have to create a designated place for your dog in your premises. Fill the area with toys and things that your dog would like to play with. Barriers should be used to separate such the dog area from other areas.

2.Plant dog repelling plants as barriers around your premises

You can plant some plants such as lavender, which dogs hate their smell, and spiky shrubbery that dogs don’t like because of the spikes they carry. These plants can serve as barriers and would help to keep dogs especially away from having access into your premises. Some such plants include Citronella, Rue and Bergamot.

3.Install motion-activated sprinkler

Motion-activated sprinklers are another amazing way to keep dogs away. They should be installed along the perimeter of your premises or entrance routes for dogs. Once a dog passes close to it, it will sense the motion of the dog and automatically sprinkle water on the dog. This will confuse the dog and scare it away from your premises.

4.Set up a fence

A fence can be very discouraging to most animals including dogs. Once a stray dog sees your erected fence, it would move on to the next available premises than waste its time finding ways to enter. Ensure to always close the gate of your fence, and also frequently check out for holes under the fence and fix them quickly.

5.Dog Repellent spray

Dog repellent sprays work by creating an uncomfortable environment that would keep dogs away. They can be especially helpful in preventing your puts from ruining your precious fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, some such sprays are not great for use around edible plants. Others can cause harm to the dog.

When looking for a dog repellent spray that is just as effective without causing any harm, Nature’s MACE dog repellent is an ideal choice. Made from all-natural ingredients, Nature’s MACE would provide long-lasting water-proof protection that would keep dogs from digging up your yard or even coming close to designated areas of your property. It’s an ideal solution for your furniture, garden, yard, and lots more.

Nature’s MACE dog repellent sprays are safe for use around pets, plants, and children. Choose Nature’s MACE dog repellent today and dog-proof your flowers, garden, and entire property so you can sit back and enjoy the thriving landscape all summer.

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