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November 08, 2021 3 min read

6 practical ways to get rid of stray cats. Like other gardeners, you may wonder about how to get rid of stray cats and other wild animals from your outdoor space. Stray and feral cats are known to transform our gorgeous vegetable gardens into their litter boxes.

They can also chew on various foods found there and may transmit diseases such as toxoplasmosis to humans through their activities. This is why you need to take steps to create an unappealing environment that deters these unwanted feline visitors from your property. Here are some tried and trusted ways to eliminate these cats from your outdoors and keep them from returning.

1.Install a motion-activated sprinkler

Cats dislike water, especially one that comes as a surprise. You can also install a sprinkler to startle that feral cat out of your yard. However, to use this method, you need to plan carefully about the parts of your property to place this device. You want to avoid spraying water on people such as your neighbor or a delivery person.

2.Consider other scare tactics

Aside from the motion-activated sprinklers, you can also use motion-activated lights, sensitive bells, among others, to scare them away. However, these methods only provide temporary defense and may fade over time.

3.Get rid of stray cats food sources

Cats love to visit areas where they can forage for food efficiently. So, you must take steps to prevent having food sources on your property. These include strategies like;

  • Cultivating plants that naturally repel cats around your property. Some such plants include lavender, pennyroyal, rue, thyme, citrus plants and many more.
  • Covering all trash cans and getting rid of debris from your property
  • Eliminate meat scraps from compost piles.
  • Keep your barbecues and outdoor grills clean and free of charred foods.

4.Seal off nesting spots

Cats, like other wild animals, seek places where they can sleep and breed safely. If uncontrolled, places like your old sheds, garage, porch, and deck can become breeding sites for unwanted litter. Therefore, you must seal up all of these areas and eliminate all possible holes.

5.Speak to your neighbors

Sometimes dealing with feral cats requires a more collaborative effort with your neighbors. This is especially the case if your neighbors sometimes set food outside that might attract these cats. Talking to your neighbors and encouraging them to follow the same steps you have taken might effectively mitigate problems with these feral cats.

6.Use a cat repellent

Cat repellents are your first line of defense against feral cats. These products contain ingredients that taste and smell bad to cats. These repellents may also contain ingredients that can induce fear in the cat as though there’s a predator around. However, you will find indoor and outdoor formulas in both liquid and granular forms. You can consider using both kinds of repellents to create a better barrier around your property. Nevertheless, the challenge is finding the best repellent that can scare these cats away without causing harm to you or the environment.

Nature’s MACE is a renowned manufacturer of proven and effective animal repellents. Our Cat MACE, Get rid of stray cat products are specially designed to deter cats from your property without causing harm to these feline creatures or your pets. Our products are made from 100% all-natural and safe ingredients, specially formulated to help you create a protective barrier around your property’s perimeter. Nature’s MACE products are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment with toxic chemicals.

Get rid of stray cats

What’s more, you will love that our Cat MACE products are long-lasting. So you don’t have to re-apply your repellents frequently to maintain that strong barrier against cats. Take steps today and say goodbye to your feline nemesis for good.

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