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November 09, 2021 3 min read

Controlling and deterring rabbits with the best rabbit repellent. Here’s how to choose the best rabbit repellent and stop those cuddly bunnies from tearing up your gardens.

Rabbits are cute little animals, but the destruction they can cause in your garden might give you a second thought. Naturally, there are many plants out there that rabbits do not like. But when they are hungry enough, they can eat anything. Still, trapping them is not a practical solution. So, you must take better steps to fool-proof your garden and prevent rabbits from destroying your precious plants.

Choose a powerful rabbit repellent.

The first thing you might think of is the best rabbit repellent out there. But then, you might come across rabbit repellent home remedies like garlic oils, blood meals, putrescent egg solids, hot pepper sauces, rotten eggs, and lots more. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are not safe for use on edible plants. A rabbit might still go through your entire garden regardless of these homemade remedies.

You need a suitable rabbit repellent that is safe, easy to use, and long-lasting.

Fortunately, Nature Mace comes to the rescue with a powerful rabbit and deer repellent spray safe to use on edible plants. Nature Mace products are non-toxic, organic, and Eco-friendly. The ‘just spray’ application also makes it easy to use across all kinds of cultivation systems. It is also rain resistant and will not wash off during irrigation. Nature Mace is the ideal solution to protect your gardens, vines, shrubs, trees, and lots more.

Complement with other rabbit deterrents

It is always important to note that no single deterrent is enough to keep rabbits out for good. While Nature mace repellent guarantees better outcomes than many other rabbit repellents out there, combining with other suitable steps, helps you eradicate rabbits for good.

  • Get rid of clutter – When rabbits have fewer hiding spots in your garden, they are less likely to bother with it. So, consider getting rid of excess leaves and brush piles. Get rid of all kinds of nesting options by cutting away low shrubbery branches that can offer harborage for rabbits. Also, control vegetation around fence rows and seal spaces underneath buildings.
  • Cultivate plants they would less likely eat; Generally, rabbits don’t like plants with strong odor and are prickly. Some include peony, lantana, lavender, oregano, rosemary, purple cone flower, petunias, astilbe, iris, sage, etc. You can check University of Illinois Extension web page for a complete list of plants that rabbits tend to avoid. But again, rabbits are unpredictable and might eat these plants if they cannot find other more palatable food sources.
  • Protect with fencing – Putting up a fence is a highly effective way of deterring rabbits, especially when you have tender young shoots and dark leafy greens. You only need a wall of about 3 feet made of metal (rabbits can chew through fiberglass and plastic). Also, bend the bottom of the fence at a 90-degree angle facing outward and make sure it goes as deep as inches into the ground. All hole openings on your fencing shouldn’t be over 1-inch wide. You can also put a flashing fence at the gate’s base so that rabbits don’t squeeze under them.
  • Protect with chicken wire or deer netting – Chicken wire and thin invisible netting are excellent for your garden beds. Don’t forget to ensure the wire or mesh is securely buried into the ground so rabbits don’t slip under it.

Concluding thoughts

Are you ready to get rid of rabbits from your gardens for good? Get your nature’s mace deer and rabbit repellent and protect your precious plants effectively. Don’t forget to also pair with other rabbit repellent tips we outlined for the best results. With Nature Mace, you can enjoy profound peace of mind and eliminate those pesky animals from your garden.

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