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November 05, 2021 3 min read

When looking for the best formula for deterring rabbits from your garden, you might come across diverse options. This rabbit repellent buyer’s guide will help choose the proper solution to effectively keep rabbits out of your garden.

Rabbits might look cute and sweet, but their ravenous eating patterns are something you don’t want happening within your gardens. These bunnies can feed on fresh leaves, the bark of young shrubs, flowerbeds, and everything in sight. It’s even more disheartening that they are habitual feeders and can repeatedly return to the same spot until there’s nothing left.

Therefore, if you find any signs of rabbits in your garden, the best step is to keep them. Ideally, it’s often better to begin using your rabbit repellent even before they show up, so they don’t form a habit of returning to your garden to see if it’s now a palatable spot.

The best defense against rabbits

While you might consider cultivating plants that rabbits don’t like or installing a fence, your first and best line of defense is rabbit repellent. Do realize that cultivating plants rabbits do not want to eat or installing a fence can only provide temporary protection.

We recommend using a potent rabbit repellent spray alongside other deterrent tips for the best protection against these pesky animals. But then you must choose between three types of repellents including;

  • Granular repellentsare great for protecting ground cover, pathways, burrows, dens, vegetable gardens, paths, and flower beds. They are ideal for repelling rabbits in cold winter, but you should consider using them alongside liquid spray repellents.
  • Electronic repellentscan scare repellents from your nurseries, shrubs, gardens, yards, brush covers, trees, and lots more. But they are costlier than other rabbit repellents. Even so ultrasonic repellents have not been adequately proven to help repel rabbits or other animals.
  • Liquid spray repellentsprovide robust protection for flowers and plant surfaces. They are excellent for ground cover, trees, flowers/buds, grasses, seedlings, clover, bulbs, alfalfa, and lots more. They are also easy to apply but cost-effective. Liquid spray repellents are also the best protection because they coat your plants and often combine unappealing odors to keep rabbits away. All you need to do is choose a reputable product that can keep rabbits away effectively and last long after rains and watering your plants.

Choose Nature’s MACE rabbit repellent

Nature’s MACE is a leading manufacturer of non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and biodegradable animal repellents. You will especially love Nature’s mace rabbit liquid spray repellent, which is safe for use around pets and people. This potent rabbit repellent combines scents and oils to make your plants unattractive to rabbits. The non-toxic formula is ideal for vegetable gardens, and you won’t have to apply it too frequently to maintain results.

Even so, this formula is not just perfect for deterring rabbits; you can also say goodbye to the inconvenience of having deer and moles in your garden.

Final thoughts

Deterring Rabbits

Getting rid of rabbits from your garden doesn’t have to be a complicated and heart-wrenching event. Choose the ideal potent rabbit repellent to keep these critters from burrowing into your garden and having their way with your precious plants.

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