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February 21, 2022 3 min read

How do you choose an effective rabbit repellent? In this guide, we will talk about the different factors to consider when shopping for a rabbit repellent.

Rabbits might seem cute, but the destruction they can bring to your garden is alarming. These bunnies have a voracious appetite and will eat everything including vegetables, annuals, perennials, berries, nuts, and woody plants. They also reproduce quite easily, which means a few of them can quickly turn into a total garden infestation. Hence you want to take steps to keep them out of your garden. This is why you might wonder about the most effective rabbit repellent for the best outcome.

What to consider when choosing the best rabbit repellent

Do realize that no rabbit repellent can entirely rabbit-proof your garden. You need to consider a mixture of different products and other rabbit deterrent strategies to protect your garden. But then some rabbit repellents work better than others. Let’s look at some conditions to help you choose the best combination of rabbit deterrent strategies.


The first thing you must consider is that rabbit repellent comes in numerous forms, ranging from physical barriers to chemical sprays. Let’s talk about the most important types you can consider:

Physical barriers

Physical barriers are structures that can stop rabbits from getting into your garden or accessing specific vulnerable spots. Physical barriers also come in many forms including chicken wire, wooden fence, electric fence, and lots more. No matter the type of physical barrier, ensure the fence is buried about 4 inches into the ground because rabbits can burrow and dig their way around the garden.


Motion-activated rabbit repellents usually consist of a garden sprinkler (or noise blaster) with a motion sensor. When a rabbit trips on the sensor, the sprinkler comes on, spraying the animal with water and scaring it away. However, you must be careful about where you install such devices as they can also be tripped by people causing unwanted accidents.

Odor and taste

Odor and scent-based repellents come in granules and sprays that are either unpleasant to rabbits or mimic the smell of a predator. When rabbits smell or taste such repellents, they simply run away. This is why odor and taste repellents provide a high level of protection.


The ingredients in your repellent also matter. You must choose a rabbit repellent that will only cause discomfort without hurting the animal. Using poisonous repellents comes with enormous consequences. First, it might be illegal in your area. Again, such ingredients may be ingested by other children and other animals. Toxic substances can also find their way into the vegetation in your vicinity thereby ruining your precious plants.


It’s also important to consider the impact of your chosen rabbit repellent on the environment. Although synthetically formulated products might be effective, there are enormous risks for the environment. Choose organic rabbit repellents that would be kind to you and the environment.


If you are considering odor-and-taste-based rabbit repellents, then you may have to choose between two forms; liquid and granular rabbit repellents. Liquid sprays are great for protecting flowers and rabbit surfaces from direct damage. You can use them on shrubs, seedlings, flowers/buds, grasses, trees, and lots more. Granular repellents help you create protective barriers around your landscape and plants. You can use them to protect flower beds, structures, burrows and dens, vegetable gardens, ground cover, and pathways. Granular repellents are best for repelling rabbits in cold weather, while liquids are excellent for damp cold conditions. For the best results, we recommend using both of them.

Overall, we recommend combining odor-and-scent-based repellent with physical barriers to protect your garden. Together, both groups of strategies will discourage those pesky bunnies alongside other unwanted critters as well.

How to choose an effective rabbit repellent

Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent is a convenient solution to your rabbit problem. This repellent works through smell and taste to help keep rabbits away from your lawn and garden. You can choose between the liquid spray and granules which are both straightforward to use. Nature’s MACE’s effective rabbit repellent is also made from natural food-grade ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harmful toxic materials that might ruin your plants and yard. Get Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent and protect your beautiful flowers and garden from these unwelcome invaders.

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