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December 28, 2021 3 min read

This guide will help you keep rabbits away and out of your garden to prevent those unwanted critters from devouring your gorgeous landscape.

Rabbits are one of the most annoying and destructive animals to have in your yard. They especially love young shoots, trees, shrubs and will gnaw on everything in sight. Their destruction also happens all year round, which means they don’t stop eating, even in water. Like deer, they simply adjust their diet to feed on meals they were picky about in the hotter months. This is why you must take proactive measures to stop rabbits from eating your plants.

Generally, the best way of controlling rabbit damage is by preventing access and discouraging their presence. Let’s talk about the different steps to repel rabbits away from your garden and stop them from returning.

1. Identify that you have rabbit damage

You must confirm that you genuinely have rabbits ravaging your plants. One of the most reliable signs of rabbits is their poop. This looks like coarse, round fecal pellets, usually between ¼ inch to 1/ 2 inch in size. When rabbits eat your plants, they usually leave cleanly cut damage without jagged edges.

You can also confirm by looking for the unmistakable tracks of rabbit’s long back feet imprinted in the soil around destruction sites.

2.Choose a rabbit repellent

Rabbit chemical repellents will deter rabbits through their unappealing odor, taste, and stickiness. Nature MACE offers a uniquely formulated rabbit repellent that is non-toxic and long-lasting. This formula combines taste and odor and is perfectly suitable for sensitive plants, children, and people. You’ll also love that these formulas are long-lasting and may not require frequent reapplication to maintain protection.

3.Invest in garden fencing

A good fence is highly suitable for limiting access to your property. You can choose between diverse fencing materials such as deer netting, chicken wire, wood, and electric fence. For rabbits, your fence should be about 2 feet high. This might change if you are also repelling deer, which means you might need a 10-feet high fence. Regardless, your fence must extend about 6 inches into the ground to prevent rabbits from burrowing under it.

4. Consider individual plant protection

Young and tender shoots, vines, and trees may do better with individual protection. Consider using ¼ inch to ½ inch mesh chicken wire to create cylinders around these plants. Don’t forget to allow space around the plant and bury the fencing about 6 inches deep. Also, add bracing to avoid having rabbits push the netting. Don’t also forget that your repellents are still essential also to discourage such activities.

5.Cultivate rabbit deterrent plants

Rabbits love a wide range of plants, including lettuce, peas, carrot, broccoli, beet, fruit bushes, and lots more. They are also fond of trees, shrubs, and ornamental flowers. In contrast, you can repel rabbits by cultivating plants they tend to avoid around the edges of your property. Fortunately, rabbits and deer share some of these plants, including marigolds, zinnias, lilac bush, snapdragons, lavender, daffodils, and lots more. Still, it’s important to note that hungry rabbits will eat almost anything, including less palatable plants.

6.Modify habitat

It’s always important to avoid creating nesting spots for animals which can inhibit how well your repellents and other measures work against these critters. Reduce nesting options by reducing vegetation along fence rows and removing low shrubbery branches. You should also take steps to eliminate wood and debris piles alongside tall and dense vegetation.

7.Seal off all entry spots

Rabbits also love shelter and would likely find solace in cracks and crevices across structures like sheds, porches, or decks. Therefore, you need to discourage them from using those areas by sealing them off.

Final thoughts

Defense against rabbits is ongoing warfare. That is why you must remain vigilant and choose only the best solutions to keep rabbits away successfully. Nature MACE is a reputable manufacturer of a wide array of animal repellents, including premium non-toxic rabbit repellents. With Nature MACE, you can build a formidable defense against rabbits to keep them from returning. Get your Nature MACE rabbit repellent today and eliminate those intruding pests for good.

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