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March 02, 2018 2 min read

How to keep rabbits out of your yard

Has your yard been taken over by rabbits, and you are having hard time sending them packing? Or maybe you prefer taking precautionary measures, and prefer to keep them away. If so, you are in the right place.

Wild rabbits, especially breeds like jackrabbit and cottontails are plant eating pest capable of causing great damage in any yard they invade. Controlling or trying to get rid of them takes a lot of work, and you might end up achieving very little result. The best thing to do here is to device ingenious ways of keeping them out.

There are lots of ways to make your yard rabbit-proof. While some are just not worth the effort, others work pretty well. We have compiled some of the control techniques that have been proven to work really well. But before that, it is important you learn how to tell if a rabbit has been visiting your yard.

How to identity damages caused by rabbit

If you noticed something has been eating up the plants in your yard, there is every possibility that a rabbit isn’t the culprit, and so using anti-rabbit control techniques won’t just be effective. The best way to ascertain if rabbits have been visiting your yard is by looking out for their droppings.

Rabbits usually leave off a fecal pellet round in shape and measuring between ¼ to ½ inches. Also, you may also check for their furs, nest, burrows, and trails. Better still, observe the feeding pattern of the suspect. If it is a rabbit, you will notice that only the vegetables in your yard was affected – rabbits love veggies, and carrot, lettuce, beet, peas and broccoli are their favorite.

Best techniques for keeping away rabbits from your yard

As earlier said, rabbits are better kept away than controlled. Below are some efficient technique for keeping them off.

  • Use of repellents

Repellents are usually of two forms; scent based and taste based. While chemical repellents work quite well, it is best to use natural repellents or plants because they are biodegradable and aren’t harmful. Garlic, chili pepper, lavender, mint and egg are some of the commonly used natural repellent. Rabbit MACE is an effective all natural Rabbit Repellent manufactured bu Nature’s MACE. This is an effective way of repelling rabbits and deer with an environmental foot print.

  • Fencing

Probably the best control technique, fencing if done properly works pretty well. However, fencing are effective from an economic point of view when used in a small area because the materials used for their making is expensive.

  • Make your yard unfriendly

Rabbits are attracted to yards littered with garden equipment and hiding spots. Also, things like dense shrubs, tall weeds and brush of woods serve as attractant. Eliminating these things would make your garden less attractive and less conducive for breeding.

  • Trapping

Caution has to be taken when using this control method. The reason is that the trapped rabbit could end up dying inside the trap, and disposing them would be a serious problem. For this reason, you are better off seeking the guidance of an expert than setting up the traps yourself.

How to keep rabbits out of your yard