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February 28, 2018 2 min read

By now, you must have known, or probably read, that bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, preferring to feed in the nights than in the day. The big question, however, is do they come out in the daytime to feed as well? The short answer is yes. Bed bugs feed come out to feed during the day as much as they like to feed in the night.

Like every other nocturnal critter, it is the fear of being spotted and possibly killed that keep these critters in during the night. Sadly, nothing can stop a hungry bub – not even the fear of death. So, taking a quick nap during the day on an infested couch is an inviting signal to a family of bugs lying somewhere. They are opportunist feeders, jumping at every chance to gorge themselves with blood.

Now, it is an unusual sight to see a bunch of bugs crawling around during the day. If you have noticed this, two things are likely responsible

  • Bed bug infestation in your home has grown to cosmic scale. And, if no urgent steps are taken to curtail their expansion, things will get out of hand.
  • You are mostly away during the nights. You can call bed bugs stupid, but you can’t call them dumb. As small as they are, they’ve got some brains. Bugs won’t bother coming out during the nights when they know well that their food source is away. As such, the day becomes their peak feeding period.

Okay now you’ve known that bed bugs don’t restrict themselves solely to night feeding, here’s what to do to keep them in check.

  1. Proper housekeeping

Often times, people mistake bed bug infestation with bad housekeeping and uncleanness. This is untrue as even the most meticulous household can suffer an infestation. But you must do your part. Keep unused stuff that might serve as a breeding ground for them away. Clutters should be kept where they belong: the waste bin.

As an added step, wash your bed covers, pillow cases, and clothes with hot water every now and then. Heat is one of the things bed bugs can’t stand.

  1. Keep your clothes away from their reach

It sure would be embarrassing to notice bugs flying off that nice white dress of yours at a pool party. Well, you can prevent that from happening. How? By storing your clothes in a vacuum sealed bag. This will be particularly helpful if your home has been besieged by bed bugs.

  1. Routing Inspection is key

To win the fight against bed bugs, it is important that their presence should first be spotted. They can come in when you least likely expect. Inspect couches, beds, and even appliances for rusty stains. Check for blood stains as well.

Use your nose. Bed bugs give off a musty, unpleasant smell. If you smell such, know they are lying around somewhere.

Do Bed Bugs Come out in the Daytime