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August 20, 2020 2 min read

Having bed bugs in the home is an awful experience and often begs the question – can you get bed bug eggs in your hair. In this article, we will talk about how possible it is to have bed bugs in your hair.

Bed bugs are nasty insects that can wreak havoc in the home. They preferably feed on humans causing bite marks that can lead to allergic reactions or secondary infections. When bed bugs infest the house, they quickly spread out due to the laying of bed bug eggs. Nevertheless, when you suspect bed bugs, you may also suspect areas to find the eggs. It is okay to assume that these eggs will be found in all regions around the home, including the clothes. However, finding the bed bug eggs in your hair is highly unlikely.

Bed bugs and Human Hair

Bed bugs are opportunistic creations. Although they preferably feed on us, they may not spend more than a few minutes to an hour on the human body. They dislike movement and would ideally get out of the way as soon as they finish feeding. Bed bugs also prefer colder environments to live and lay their eggs. Therefore, staying or living in human hair or laying their eggs, there is nearly impossible.

Bed bugs also do not possess the right body or legs to crawl through human hair. Therefore, even though bed bugs can feed around the hairline, crawling, living, or laying eggs in human hair is almost impossible.

Can bed bugs get into the human hair

However, there have been reports over the years of bed bugs in the hair, and in some cases, bed bug eggs are also found. This can happen if the infestation is severe.

If you suspect bed bug eggs in your hair, here’s what you can do about it:

  • Wash and rinse your hair in hot water to kill the bed bug eggs
  • Wash all your clothes and dry them at the hottest possible temperature.
  • Use a particular shampoo or lotion to treat your hair repeatedly to remove bed bugs and their eggs.

You can also mix essential oils afterward into your shampoo for future use to repel bed bugs.

Please bear in mind that you must contact the medical professional or dermatologist before using any special shampoo to help you pick the right one.

Get rid of bed bugs from your home

Faced with the question – can you get bed bug eggs in your hair? The shortest answer is that you can find bed bug eggs in your hair, but it is a rare situation. Bed bugs preferably lay their eggs in cooler, immovable areas, and no do have the body parts for crawling through the hair. However, if you suspect them, contact your medical professional for the right way to eliminate them from your hair.

Lastly, call the pest exterminators to help you remove the infestation from your home. It will help prevent other problems such as bed bug bites or the return of bed bugs in your hair.