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August 18, 2020 2 min read

Does Steam kill bed bugs? Yes, it does, and in this article, we will talk about how steam can effectively get rid of those bugs from your home.

Imagine waking up to bedbug bites, no one wants that terrible experience, but it happens anyway. If you find bed bugs in your home, or its bites or excrement, then you need to get them out. That requires multiple treatments, which would include vacuuming to ensure you kill all bed bugs. Many bed bug treatments exist, but steam cleaning is fast becoming the most popular. Therefore, you may wonder, if steam can kill bed bug eggs. Read on to unravel the mystery.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning involves the use of a steamer to get rid of bed bugs from your home. It is effective, chemical-free, and can kill many other insects as well. It is also Eco-friendly. Steam is so effective that it can kill bed bugs at all life stages – egg, larva, cocoon, and pupae.

However, three factors determine how effectively steam can kill bed bugs:

1) You need a high-quality steamer to do the trick. Avoid carpet or clothing steaming devices.
2) You must keep the steam heat in an area at a time for an extended period to kill all bed bugs hiding deeply within those areas
3) You need higher temperatures, hence the need for a high-quality steamer. A commercial steamer can also work because it produces the right temperature to destroy bed bugs and their eggs.

Other things you might need include a triangular nozzle and protective clothing for yourself.
The heat and not the steam kills the bed bugs. Bed bugs and their eggs cannot thrive exceptionally above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, using steams at 115 degrees Fahrenheit would kill bed bugs and their eggs.
Warning: Make sure you never steam wires or outlets. Unplug all electrical devices before you begin steaming to avoid being electrocuted.

Professional steam cleaning

It is possible to kill bed bugs in your home on your own by steam cleaning. However, steam cleaning requires patience and experience, because you have to make sure you steam all possible hiding spots. The professional pest exterminators know where to look for bed bugs and their eggs in your home. Therefore, they can finish a lot faster, and in some cases, you may not need too many repeat treatments. You can also combine with other treatment options to kill them thoroughly. Also, make sure you deal with the infestation as soon as possible to reduce the number of repeat treatments you may need.

Therefore, looking at the question –does steam kill bed bugs eggs. The answer is yes; steam kills bed bugs as well as other pests. It is a non-toxic and chemical-free approach and, by far, one of the most successful bed bug treatment. It keeps your home safe from all kinds of chemicals and you can say good-bye to bed bugs in no time.

Does Steam Kill Bed Bug Eggs?

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