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August 13, 2020 2 min read

Kids love to play with anyone and anything they see. If there is a pet around your house, it’s almost inevitable for your baby to see them as playmates. For this reason, one thing most parents want to know is- how do I keep fleas from biting my child?

Watching your kid play with your dog or cat is always cute, but when you start to notice flea bite on your baby, this certainly is a cause for concern. You may not be able stop your child from playing with your dog or cat, so your best bet is to prevent flea from biting your child by ensuring that your pet doesn’t carry plans around.

Here are a few preventive measures you should take to keep fleas from biting your child!

Keep your baby away from infected pets

If you see flea dirt or bite marks on your pet, it is time to get your child away from the pet. Make sure your child doesn’t play around the pet’s bedding again, at least until you have eliminated the fleas.

Cover your child properly

If you suspect that there are fleas in your home, you must protect your child by covering them up properly, especially at night. Fleas crawl out at night to suck blood, so keeping your child well covered could protect the child from flea bite- until you have eliminated the infestation.

Remove and wash the pet bedding

Fleas thieve best in warm places, so when fleas infest your pet, they don’t actually remain on the body of the pet. Instead, they hide inside the pet’s bedding and every other warm place they could find. Once you notice the infestation, take the flea bedding out and wash in very hot water to kill both the fleas and their eggs.

Flea-proof your home to keep fleas from biting your child

Fleas are very tricky creatures. They could jump several meters to hidden corners around your home and stay there till they lay eggs and reproduce. Once you notice a single flea in your home, it is possible that they have already multiplied before you noticed them. This puts your child at risk. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

Flea-proofing your home involves spreading a mixture of water and diatomaceous earth (DE) around the floors, carpets, furniture, walls and other areas of the house. DE kills fleas and bugs and protects your child from flea bite.

Vacuum your home to eliminate flea bite

Fleas can hide in very tiny hidden places where you can’t fetch them out with a sweeping broom. Even when you have eliminated all the fleas, their eggs may be hiding in hidden corners. With time, these eggs will hatch and a fresh round of infestation would start and you’d find yourself asking again- how do I keep fleas from biting my child?

To avoid this, vacuum your home properly to eliminate all fleas and their eggs. That way, you won’t go back to asking how do I keep fleas from biting my child.