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October 16, 2019 3 min read

Fleas are one of the most troublesome pests that human beings have to deal with. Asides their stealth mode of operation and their ability to increase exponentially, they are also pretty difficult to find. As more people try to find ways to exterminate these insects, one question has become increasingly popular, “Are fleas visible?”

You may have discovered that your dog is scratching itself more often than usual these days. You may also have discovered the signs of flea bites on your skin in the form of welts and bumps. These are more-than-enough signs that you have fleas in your immediate surroundings.

Furthermore, it may even be a sign that you’re suffering from flea infestation, and you need to employ the services of the pest exterminators. However, one thing you need to be sure of is whether they truly exist or not.

Other bugs bother dogs too. Not only fleas bite human beings. Despite all the signs that you may have noticed, you still need to be sure of what you’re dealing with. However, because of their size, there are many myths about their visibility.

Several people think they need microscopes to see them. Some others even doubt their existence. Nevertheless, there are several ways to prove the visibility of fleas.

Where are Fleas Visible?

Fleas have to be one of the smallest insects you can see with your naked eye. Yes, you can see them (even without microscopes). A flea will usually be between 1 – 4 mm in length. That’s the longest they grow to become.

The location of a flea is determined majorly by what they feed on. Most fleas can go for days without feeding. However, for the female fleas, they need to feed on blood every day to keep up their rate of reproduction – female fleas lay between 35 – 40 eggs daily.

Because of their choice of food, you will find them attached to the skin of your pets. Well-hidden underneath their coat of fur, fleas enjoy sucking the blood of your darling dog or cat. Using their mandibles, they pierce the skin of your pet and feed on their blood.

The same process also occurs when they inflict fleabites on your skin. One of their favorite hiding places is on your bedding. By so doing, they easily gain access to your ankles and elbows where they usually inflict fleabites on humans.

Another reason why fleas love your pet is that they help them to spread faster. From playing fetch in the woods with your dog to having a nice cozy time on your bed together, fleas can transfer themselves into your house with the help of your pet. By so doing, they can cause a flea infestation.

When they’re not having a blood meal, most fleas will be found underneath trees and on sidewalks, feeding on debris and waiting for their next host to come along.

When Are Fleas Visible?

Fleas love operating mostly in the night. They don’t like staying in the light where they can be seen. Therefore, they love hiding in floor cracks, underneath fallen leaves and beneath the fur of pets. Although most of their feeding occurs round the clock, they are usually more active at night. At this time, you’re more likely to discover them.

Grooming your pets can also help you to find fleas – whether at night or during the day. Running your hand through their furs and on their skin, combing their fur coat can help you to find fleas where they’re hidden.

Fleas are also visible when they are searching for a host. One of the strongest parts of a flea is its legs. Although they’re wingless, they can use their legs to jump as high as 150 times their length. Armed with this skill, they can hop onto a host that is passing by in the woods or on the sidewalk.

If you’ve not seen a flea before, this article has touched on several ways to identify them once they become visible. To be sure, some of these physical attributes are:

  • They are wingless insects
  • They have mandibles with which they suck blood
  • They have powerful legs which they use to move around
  • They are reddish-brown

Let these attributes assist you as you try to find out the fleas on your pet or in your home.

As you conduct your search and this question rings in your head, you need to remember, fleas are visible. If you search for them long enough and hard enough, you will find them. And when you find them, don’t hesitate to get professional help with getting rid of them.

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