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October 17, 2019 2 min read

In this article we will be discussing the age old question of “Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs”? Are you struggling with bed bug infestations? Naturally, you are concerned whether a little DIY technique can help combat the problem. So you may want to know if rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs, Or if there is any other alternative? In this article, we will talk about rubbing alcohol and how effective it is in killing bed bugs.

Rubbing alcohol is different from the regular drinking (ethyl alcohol (C2H6O)) we find in alcoholic beverages and drinks. Rubbing alcohol is a commercially used industrial isopropyl (C3H8O) which serves as a solvent used in disinfectants, pharmaceutical purposes, ink production, and other surgical uses. It is colorless, has a fruity odor and bitter taste. It is also volatile and highly flammable.

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill bed bugs?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs. Because rubbing alcohol is a depressant and solvent,it can affect the brain and the cells of bed bugs making them inactive. Rubbing Alcohol is also a desiccant, so it can also immediately dry up the eggs of the bed bugs.

If you apply rubbing alcohol to surfaces, it can repel bed bugs. But this can only happen, within the period of application. Once it evaporates, it can no longer have that effect.

How to use alcohol to kill bed bug?

To kill bed bugs with rubbing alcohol, make sure you cover and secure your properties. Never spray your clothes, beds, or belongings with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is dangerous and can ignite if there is a flame or smoke nearby.

Spray the rubbing alcohol directly on the bugs, holes, cracks, and any possible hideout (i.e., under the bed, walls).

Be careful when using rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is twice as concentrated as the regular ethanol alcohol we see every day. So, inhaling it is dangerous. Rubbing alcohol could cause sniffing and huffing. As a chemical, it can be toxic for your body system. Therefore, rubbing alcohol is not the right remedy to use, since it can be toxic for you.

Rubbing alcohol also evaporates quickly so, it may repel the beg bugs, but once it dries up, the bed bugs may return.

What other natural ways can you use to kill bed bugs

You can use diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs. It kills insects by absorbing their oils and fats content once the insect passes through the soil. Diatomaceous earth is safer in killing bed bugs. But it’s often best to get a professional to handle the infestation. Pest exterminators can help identify the source, and get rid of the bed bug infestation.

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? Yes, it can, but rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs when used directly on them. But it evaporates quickly and may stop working after a few minutes. Rubbing alcohol is also dangerous and toxic for you. Embrace alternative methods for getting rid of bed bugs. Overall, it’s best to get a professional to help control the infestation quickly and seamless, so you can get back to enjoying your beauty sleep.