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April 23, 2019 2 min read

Fleas are ectoparasites that survive on the blood of the host animal. Through their bites, they also transmit diseases and other ailments even to humans. Some of such diseases include tapeworms, Bubonic plague, and Rickettsiosis. If the infestation began with just one flea, in a few weeks, they will multiply to millions and spread out to the entire house.

Due to their tiny sizes, fleas are rather difficult to get rid of in open spaces particularly for those avoiding easy chemical sprays that could be toxic to humans and animals. This is why D.E is recommended as it is not as harsh as those chemical products.

Features of D.E

This is produced from phytoplankton remains (fossilized). These are commonly called diatoms. They fossil is ground to fine powder.

The dust particles have sharp edges that scratch the exoskeleton of fleas.

The best flea stage that responds well to D.E is the larvae. The powder easily penetrates the soft skin and dries it up.

Food grade D.E is the only type recommended for home. Other types may contain harsh chemicals.

Pin-point flea prone areas

There is one easy universally accepted way of spotting fleas around you as confirmed in a website post published by UCSIPM (University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management) all you have to do is put on white socks, preferably knee length then take a slow walk around the house, pausing intermittently. If there are fleas, they will quickly try to attach to the socks. The website clarified a common error, the infestations does not spread throughout the yard. This means that only areas with high flea population should be treated.

How to treat with Diatomaceous Earth

After noting the affected areas, apply the powder though you can only do this in dry weather so that the powder doesn’t get washed away by rain. Toss handfuls of the D.E all over the infected areas, you can mix with water and spray on areas of infestation in dry weather.


Every substance is poisonous if ingested in excess and D.E is smack dab in that league. Remember those sharp edges? They can irritate human internal tissues also like lungs.

To counter this effect, wear protective clothing such as safety goggles and masks.