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April 30, 2019 3 min read

Having a bed bug infestation can be worrisome and tiresome. A bed bug infestation means you and your pets are in danger of getting bitten by these bloodsuckers.

Often homeowners worry if their cats can carry bed bugs. It will come as a relief to homeowners that although bed bugs feed on cats, cats do not carry bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and furry pets. They gain access to your homes by hitchhiking on your clothing, bags, luggage and even shoes. They can also crawl into your apartments through cracks and small openings.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and they been in existence as long as humans. Their existence has gone quiet in the past, but recent times have seen the re-emergence of these tiny pests.

How do they feed?

Although common bed bugs feed on animals, their preferred source of blood is that of humans. They are attracted to humans because of the warmness of their blood as well as the carbon dioxide exhaled. Bed bugs use their antennae and sensors to locate the perfect spot to drill blood from your body.

The use of anesthetic and anticoagulants by bed bugs means you won’t feel any pain as they pierce your skin and also, there will be a continuous flow of blood until they are done feeding.

Although bed bugs bed mainly at night, due to the fact humans spend most of their time at home, they do make exceptions for daytime feeding.

Do bed bugs bite pets?

Bedbugs mainly fed on humans but they can make can an exception for pets when humans are not around. Bed bugs can feed on furry pets including dogs, cats, and even poultry birds and other animals.

Can cats carry bed bugs?

Bed bugs only use animals for feeding purposes and not as carriers. Bed bugs only utilize humans as a means of transportation. If a bed bug should latch on to a pet like your cat, for example, they will feed for about five minutes before moving back to their hiding spots.

You usually find bed bugs in the sleeping areas for pets as well as in carriers, toys, and bedding of toys. Also, places your cats spend most of their time at your house like your sofas can be breeding grounds for bed bugs.

What to do if a bed bug is spotted?

  • Don’t raise any alarm or panic. As soon as you find a bed bug, you have to act swiftly.
  • Take all fabrics and beddings and wash in 120oF and dry in maximum heat.
  • Extensively vacuum the sleeping area of the cat and thoroughly clean the crates and carrier
  • Call your local pest controller to carry out an inspection and also administer the right treatment method.

Is treatment safe for pets?

Recent times have seen a large spread in bed bug epidemic in the US and around the world at large. There are now efficient ways to treat your bed bug problems without risking the safety of your pets. Ensure your pest Controller can adequately do a treatment job.

Can cats carry bed bugs

Bed bug Trivia

  • A female bed bug can produce up to 500 eggs in a lifetime
  • An adult bed bug can survive up to 15 months without feeding
  • Bed bug eggs are resistant to insecticides and chemicals
  • Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans exhale as well as their warm blood