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April 12, 2019 2 min read

It is easier to exterminate ticks and fleas from homes than
to repair damages they leave behind. This is the major reason why it is
essential for fleas to be placed on preventatives so as to cut short flea
infestation. They also reduce the chances of your pets developing diseases such
as Lyme disease, Skin Infections and cat scratch disease. Formerly people
preferred to use topical flea preventatives as a method of keeping these
parasites at bay, but now they choose Oral preventatives which are available

Reasons why pills are picked over topical preventatives (K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus)

Flea medications administered orally are almost hundred
percent effective in getting rid of adult fleas. They are 11.5% more effective
than topical treatments.

They are quite easy to administer which is very convenient. They
don’t leave any dirt behind after applications. Oral preventatives are made
into soft treats and bread-flavored tablets attractive and appetizing to pets.
They chew it up without prodding or force, every month effectively keeping
fleas away. Bravecto can protect a dog from ticks and fleas for twelve whole

Pet owners choose oral medications because each tablet comes
with chemical compositions to prevent fleas, ticks, heartworms and tapeworms
and other dangerous parasites. This method is cheaper because it beats the
previous way of choosing several products to treat different infections. Some
of the chewable are NexGard and Trifexis. Trifexis is the most popular because
it is administered once a month and it averts hookworms, roundworms, whipworms
and heartworms at once. NexGard is mostly for preventing tick infestation.

How to Choose the Suitable Oral Preventative for Pets

First, for any preventative method to work, you have to know
everything about your pet and you have to know what ailment want to treat or
prevent. If your pet does not have any threat of a tick infestation, then you
can administer Trifexis to treat or prevent intestinal parasites, heartworms
and fleas.

NexGard will prevent both ticks and fleas although you might
still need to add another drug to prevent parasitic worms. Comfortis is
administered especially in flea season to get rid of adult fleas without discontinuing
worm treatment.

Every preventative should be administered with the approval
of a Veterinarian. He or she will prescribe the right dosage for your pet and
assist you in finding the best and most effective product.

What if the pet gets fleas after preventatives?

Oral preventatives only work on adult fleas. Other stages of
fleas are not susceptible to these drugs. The eggs and larvae can fall off the
animal into the house or in the yard thereby continuing the infestation. So
when you are treating your pet, get rid of fleas from your home and surrounding
also. Some of the ways you can control flea infestation is by using chemical
sprays, powders and foggers.